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Hair net- To wear or not to wear!!!

I hope i get some male perspectives on this discourse!!! I grew up watching/seeing my mum wear hair nets. I thought/assumed/believed it was normal. I was happy when i started wearing hair nets too. Now i'm married with children and they too have started to watch/see/know me as a hair net wearer. The challenge is this, i was once gisting with some friends and one mentioned a husband reporting his wife to her that his wife was a hair net wearer. And his main grouse was that the hair net constantly smelt of "dodo" i.e fried plantain. In her defense i said well better her net smelling of dodo than her brazillian weave on that cost an arm and a leg. Some of my female friends have expressed concern about my hair nets.***eyes roll*** I am comfortable wearing them but i dont want to be a pain to my hubby you see.... truth is i find that many husbands dont always mention the things they dont like e.g wearing hair nets or tying wrappers around the house... So hair nets.... ... to be …

Random talk talk again!!!

I have tried to put up posts at least twice but at the point of publishing the thing go just disappear!!

So much to say i no even know where to start!!!

My dear son has finally started proper nursery and its been amazing how he's suddenly so matured and a bit better behaved. he also blows some fone now and the other day was spreeing and oppressing his cousin and my inlaws only for him to say with plenty fone and in a loud voice "i didn't SAID it" oh well there went our super star moment :D

Tlash is cool too, quite grown up now and we have been attempting to toilet train but he screams so much at the sight of his potty..... maybe i should bust it till he can express himself? **rolls eyes**

The cost of diapers leaves me no choice anyway!!!

It’s bad to be broke oh… I'm really broke now so tey when my dear hubby promised to dash me money, I went and gave him an exceptional ;) (IMO) performance just so the money will be increased and since morning I have been doing oh darl…