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To calm down....

... from the jitters of waiting for my turn at being appraised

I'm just going to do a random of titbits of stuff that have happened to me in the past few days

Today i was thinking about my ex while driving and as it usually happens in movies

I look in my rear mirror

and Lo he appeared

I thought i was seeing double and looked again and truly it was him

So i slowed down hoping he would catch up with me

Just wanted him to see me, we haven't talked or seen each other in aeons

I suspect there was a chick in his car

because he slowed down and started to drag like a snail and seemed to be trying to not to catch up with me

I sped off, good riddance to bad rubbish

loud hiss

Then i became moody and i'm still moody

Too many unpleasant scenes from the past just hovering around my head


Now i'm reliving some scenes from my last training where one guy was making a presentation and talked about sending "XMX" wasn't sure and had a puzzled look until he repeated it and…


....appraisal time

Not too happy today

Too many issues up and down

Oga usually remembers all those small small errors at this time

The efforts put in for some odd reason escape unnoticed

I am so not excited today

UPDATE: It didn't turn out too badly after all. Not a great score but not a bad one either ;)