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What a very unmerry Christmas I had
My smallie was ill, he cried the whole night before Christmas day and the whole day too. I dismissed it as colic which they say has no “cure”. Till a friend insisted I take him to hospital. Apparently it was malaria!!! And a high percentage too. Thank God I took him oh, woulda killed myself if anything had happened to him due to my negligence. I had allowed my decisions be influenced by everyone including myself that gripe water plus hot massage of his tummy would heal the colic.
He’s much better now at least not crying uncontrollably anymore.
He also drank his medicine like a good boy this morning. At first he threw it up, then I told him to keep that up and I will be forced to keep giving him over and over till he co-operates lol he gulped it like it was yoghurt.
Meanwhile the Crisis(creases) has forced us to return to exclusive breast feeding. He just refused to have any SMA gold in his mouth lol silly boy doesn’t know I resume work in another month …

These parenting matters

Things have definetely taken a different shape from when our parents were nursing you know

Just the other day my friend and I were wondering who will bathe our grandchildren considering that we barely know how to bathe our own infants right now LOL

i was forced to start bathing Ayobami when he was like 2 weeks old and i'm sure he was unclean for like 2 days till i got the hang of it and even remembered i had one oyinbo contraption called a baby bather to make things easier!!!!

The advent of baby bathers has just made it worse... i imagine myself telling my daughter in law where to buy the things and reading the manuals to them LOL

As against my dear mum and mum-in-law who are around to religously wash their grandchildren and do it with such skill, plus massage and all!!!!

Then there's this singing to babies meme

I just don't see myself getting the hang of it

My mum has formed all sorts of songs in the past month but my head just goes blank when i try it and instead i blow fone to…

I cannot understand...

... Naija TV

Seeing as i have been confined to my residence following the birth of my young Mr...

I must say i have been immensely tortured by TV.

I mean i cannot understand how people who don't have DSTV cope!!!

Even the DSTV has become so so freaking boring but that is story for another day and when you call their call centre they have the impudence to tell you " Thank you for choosing Multi Choice" like you actually have a "choice" around here.MSCHEWWWW

The DSTV is connected to just the living room and for some reason which even i cannot yet fathom I prefer to sit in my room all day long so i am stuck with watching Naija TV if i must watch any tv!!!

Ok maybe because there's a bed i can lie on there that's why i'm always in my room :D...

I flip through all the channels and believe me ALL OF THEM show nothing but repeat broadcasts of musical shows especially Naija music videos.

Day in Day out oh!!!

Morning, noon and night sef ...

MITV occasionally punctua…

Inlaw matters :D

I've had my hands quite full with adjusting to caring for the baby all day and night plus lack of sleep, only 2 days back i decided to follow advise as seen on the internet and sleep when the individual is asleep. It's the best decision i coulda made for myself i tell you.

The first few days were quite ok, i had loads of people around and it was really exciting and all. unfortunately we had to return to the hospital because he had some jaundice, it was a scary period i tell you. The hospital didn't let me stay and at night i'd lie awake and be near tears wondering how he's faring and so all ended well thankfully we were discharged on the day of his naming ceremony. we had a small reception at home which was fun.

Though i ended up in trouble with my mum and her friends because i refused to wear iro and buba LMAO. I couldn't be bothered jare, not like i was sitting amongst guests or anything I was in my room with my crew so hey ;)

My mum in-law was around for …

His arrival...

That morning i was dressed early for my ante natal appointment

Mr gave me a ride, we hung out for a bit in his office and he dropped me off at the hospital

it was a normal ante natal day!!!

A friend of mine was also at the hospital that day and we kept each other company till the doctors arrived. She was there to have her baby that day and i wished her the best and went in to see the doctor.

He said he wanted to examine my pelvis, most disconcerting process i tell you LOL he actually stuck his fingers INSIDE me!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway in between my yells i heard him say " madam you're in labour, you're already 3cm dilated"

So i'm like what next!!!!!!!!

My hospital bag is barely packed, baby's room n clothes etc ain't fully ready. i'm barely ready as it is!!!

Neeways i sat the whole day in the hospital reading a novel and pitying the lady next to me who was in labour. she was groaning and i really felt strong to myself considering i was making no noise at all!!!!…

Genesis is here!!!!!!!!!

So my "package" arrived three weeks early!!!

Still quite exhausted and trying to settle into the whole meme of being a "baby mama" and stuff ;)

I think he's cute;)...

He eats ALL the time!!!!!!

Keeps me up for most of the night, i'm suffering sleep deprivation as i type:)

Neeways i'm most grateful to God that he arrived in one piece!!!!

BRT and other matters!!!!

So baby didn't move the whole of Monday evening and the better part of Tuesday, in panic i rushed to the hospital...

Arrived there and the "bugger" made a small move :D

Still decided to see doctor anyway and he ran some test where i was strapped with some bands and some machine was reading and printing the " ogbeni"(individual's) heart beat. I dozed off almost immediately i was "tied up"

It was when the nurse came at the end of the session that i woke up meanwhile i was supposed to have been pressing some .... thing whenever the baby moved oh. But alas yours truly was fast asleep!!! LOL

Anyway pikin is fine and happily(i hope) awaiting his eviction.

Even me sef don tire, i no see cloth wear again. i'm wearing such a large T-shirt today i feel like a sack

Got my first BRT ride that day as well.

Went to eat rice at Ghana high and instead of entering taxi to my house i decided to sample the famous BRT buses!!!

Twasn't bad at all, i got the last windo…

What a day!!!

It started off pretty normal

I woke up at 5am and was at my desk my 5.50am thereabouts. I dressed up at some point in between the times :D

I listened to a message CD at my desk till i fell asleep on my chair and almost broke my neck. Woke up(again) startled.... Thank God i wasn't drooling, only the cleaner was around ;)

The day was slow, it really really dragged....

Got some shocking news my oga patapata had resigned.... Rumors have it that he was actually forced to resign. No one's job is safe apparently.

Like another 10 of my colleagues had resigned both within my unit and outside...

Kai na wa oh and your truly is stuck here till after maternity leave!!!!!!!!

God will help me in this my search for job sha.

Meanwhile i discovered yesterday that the handset i just bought from a colleague's husband is so so over priced .

As in i bought at N34,000 and street value is N20,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kai i feel so bad.

I called him and told him my husband has bought me one without realisi…

And so the third one finally happened oh!!!

Sometime ago my dear friend afro made sorry propounded a philosopical theory that stated that disasters happen in threes....

You can catch up on that gist here They come in threes

Because I am her friend i also experienced some of this my friend's theory here ....

Afro says...

As at that time i prayed and like Solomonsydelle even advised i rebuked Afro three times LOL....

So this last weekend i finally managed to get Mr in the sack.

Mr has refused to do since he nacked me belle(that just sounds crass don't it he he he?)

Anyway it's been more or less a tug of war to get him to even sleep any where near my side of the bed :D talk less of to do!!!

So we had a small quarrel and "that" seemed to be the best way to make up!!!

Now, we had some family friend's kids spending the night at ours!!!

I had personally+ by myself seen to it that they were fast asleep before getting into bed etc etc

I was trying to make them more comfortable and thus i didn't lock the door t…

I was just reminded... LG's post on madness of some very amusing scene i witnessed a few years back :D
So there i was a new corporate executive ;)

Standing on Karimu Kotun street, waiting to buy food from some woman who had nice, hot and cheap rice+meat, dodo, beans (the works;)...

We were quite a mix- drivers, cleaners, office assistants and a few executives like myself (this was before we stepped up to munchies and the likes for breakfast oh LOL)

This guy is hovering around, and i just thought he wanted to buy his breakfast too and just carried on my banter with my colleague who was with me at the time!!!

The seller says to us all "oh please excuse me, let me sort this fellow out and get on with my business"

So she packs rice, fish, maybe plantain sef into a nylon bag and hands it to the fellow....

Apparently he's mad(i'm not sure what politically correct word to use biko). Must be some effect of hard drugs or something, because he's not as dirty looking as they usually are …

My Genesis...

... will be arriving in 10 weeks ;)

I'm so excited!!!!!

It feels so far and yet so near

Not quite prepared or rather i keep feeling there's still loads to be put in place

Hope this anxiety will not drive me nuts sha


... is going to be my "new" beginning

My very own little me

Or should i say "our" very own little "us"

I'm curious as to the looks, hair, colour, size etc :D

Gosh i just can't wait!!!

Wish i could verbally express how i feel on my inside truly....

Are you clean???????

How often do you:

take a shower -once a day, sometimes two!!!
brush your teeth -Once a day, except when my mouth feels stinky at night
floss -never
wash your toilet -Once a week
wash your tub/shower -same as above
dust your furniture -when i pass by it and it looks dusty :D
Windex the windows -never
let your dirty dishes sit in the sink/on the counter for more than 1 day? - 36 hours is usually my limit LOL
Use a washer or hand wash your dishes?we don't have option of "washer" in Naija oh so it's always my hands
wear the same jeans over and over? hmmmmm quite often, so that it doesn't fade from constant washing LMAO
wear the same bra over and over?i usually try to change them after two days!!!
wash your car?only when my pants start getting dirty from dragging dust on the floor of the motor and when i can't open the door because dust has caked on the handles and i can't bear to touch it i.e when even I cannot bear the filth anymore!!!
clean the interior of the car?wh…

This is the thing oh!!!

You remember that thing i said people now use to bath their pikins in the abroad????????
This is iti never see this kain thing before.

Still trying to imagine how my mother's face will become contorted (Afro that means squeezed or kinda like a frown LOL :D ) when i give her to bath her grandchild LOL

As for my mum-in-law and the granny-in-law who will be coming to visit the baby and probably bathe him/her as well, that will be a good story to tell (i pray) LOL

Even my poor husband is being quite macho about it and pretending it's not a "big deal" so i don't call him a bush man from village LOL

However i still intend to buy those local bath sets, you know those green and blue ones sold all over Lagos that have bucket, soap case, potty and bath. i think some even have foam to wash the child? abi?

Just in case....

And to save even myself from disgrace of not knowing how to use "BABY BATHER" ROFL LMAO

Really running out of titles for this thing....

So i arrived work bright and early today

Well not actually early, but early considering that i was first to arrive on my floor

...... note that this was at about 8am and we resume work at 8.30am

But then can i blame them, half if not all of my colleagues were stuck in traffic.

I left home with my coat wearing driver at 6am.

The bugger came later than i told him too with his silly pair of glasses that he has taken to wearing these days- morning, afternoon and night.

At least he spared me the trauma of seeing that coat again today.

Two Danfo drivers helped me abuse him and the glasses this morning...

I was very happy!!!! LOL

I've been very energetic today...

So much hyperness in me today

Guess i'm just thankful not to be chained to a bed like i was last week.

Drugs and jabs just ain't my thing. I was popping like 10 tabs or more daily. Maybe it was better than having my poor wrists mutilated by those drips they give people.

A friend of mine wonders why the liquid can't be po…


No title for this post jare...

I'm still quite traumatised from sitting in traffic since 10minutes past six am that i left my house!!! Thankfully i wasn't driving but meeehhn even the sitting wasn't fun. I mean not even my driver's "coat" amused me like it did last week.

Don't know why the bugger wears a coat(actually it's a jacket as in suit jacket :D ) anyway, then he wears some silly body/muscle top and layers it with a chain. Does he think he's LL cool J or what?

Forgot to add that he wears white shoes as well LOL

This weekend was quite good. Managed to have my hubby indoors for most of it, save a brief trip to Ibadan so i had to sleep at my mum's. Which was ok, except that i had to watch my dog( yeah i left him at hers) eat paper!!!!!

I gave him suya and rice which he gulped up and next thing i saw he was chewing all the newspapers...

Still quite traumatised by that i tell you LOL

Hoping this week would be interesting and stress free. No h…

Random ish....

i resumed back at work today...

I'm so NOT excited to be here!!!

Wish i could go back to my lazing around all day and then running helter skelter at 6pm to make dinner for "you know who"
Gosh, I am so NOT an organised woman LOL

It was 20 days of bliss, just living the life doing absolutely NOTHING ;)

So .....

I went off and got married!!!!!!

Still quite excited about the whole deal.

It's not quite the bed of roses we all dream up in our heads, but not that bad either

I live just a stone's throw from my home... ooops sorry former home so i don't feel totally yanked off my "regular" life.

I miss my doggie to pieces though :( I couldn't take him along, Mr. isn't a big fan of dogs, besides our landlord says NO PETS- chickens, goats, dogs etc, but he can have political meetings in the compound like 5 times in one week, including Sunday mornings!!!! Loud hiss. (Ask me if na me get the house oh?)

My room's still the usual mess and husband is threaten…


.....missed you plenty plenty

So much to tell you!!!

I'll tell you as much as i can tonight before i return computer(na borrow i borrow am)

No worry before 2008 me sef go buy laptop and internet keep for house ;)

If you see as i position myself,just so oga will not wakeup and ask me what i am doing LOL

Anyway i really missed you...

lemme go and sniff what i've missed since all these days


I'm gonna be somebody's mama...

Reality is actually setting in

Got some little bulge now

Everyone's asking questions

I'm sleepy most afternoons and i pee every five minutes

Got a dark line across my tummy

My colleague asked me to give her water today, no problem in that yeah?

Just that she wanted it in an empty skittles container!

She's +++++++

Is that gonna happen to me too?

Am i gonna want to keep my feet in a dustbin all day long?????

The smell of food is mostly unappealing to me...

Sometimes i feel so much is expected of me

Like i'm supposed to be different

I still feel the same, though my tops don't quite fit anymore.




N.B- That was supposed to be some poetic/philosophical ending by the way!!!!!!! LOL

Na Nikky tag me oh!!!

Ok so in a bit to calm down from my very "traumatic" ;) week, i'm doing this tag thing....

Better late than never eh :)

Thought up my six quirks like two nights back but right now i can only think up like two, anyway we'll see how this goes

Y'all know the rules or rather how the game goes....

1. I've never cried because someone died before. I'll be sad and all oh but the tears just don't come out.

2. I can eat rice, morning, afternoon and night.... White rice and stew sha oh

3. I'm a germaphobe. I will wash my hands over and over again. I don't like guys shaking my hands because i feel they never wash hands after peeing and grappling their "you know whats"

4. I cannot iron to save my own life sef. I just cannot get it right. Even if i spend an hour on one item i can assure you it will still come out rumpled LOL

5. Brain has now frozen....

Been trying to put this up for over a month, i better just quietly post it today, before i find myself co…


My friend just wrote a poem...

It reminded me of the only poem i've ever received in my entire life...

Kept the yellow paper for ages after...

It touched me each time i read it,

Looking back now,

Puppy love is absolutely idiotic LOL

Heck i even still know the wordings even after 12 years!!!!!!!!!!

"Every day of the week

Your face i persistently seek

Throughout the night

Nothing goes through my mind but your sight

These few words i find hard to say

But i thought to let you know today

That i think of you

Much more than you can imagine is true"

Wonder where the big head is sef...

Probably using the same lyrics on some.....

Loud hiss

Got robbed.....

..... by my "washerman" LOL

So i got a new wash boy after my original washman threatened to quit on me. Refer to My washman

Anyway, this new wash boy doubles as a "Man Friday" for the whole house and does loads of odd jobs and stuffs...

And he has washed my clothes steadily for like 3 months now.

Next thing i notice my TM is missing and i just assume my sister has "stolen" it or something. My two favourite pairs of jeans also get missing!!!!

I harass the whole house all to no avail.

Only for me to call this my man friday to do some odd job for me and there are my jeans hanging on his butt!!!!

I pretended they weren't mine but noticed he was fidgeting when i said "oh by the way i can't find my jeans.have you seen them?"
Anyway the bugger walked right into my hands yesterday wearing the shirt!!! I almost slapped him, you shoulda seen what my poor shirt had become....Loud hiss Gave him a long lecture and told him to go and bring the shirtl. I…

See me see trouble in this abuja oh

That's how i sat quietly in my hotel room today, sober and thinking of where and how to find money oh...

when hunger started to wire me, so i call room service and ask what's available for lunch...

She reels off all sorts and i just simply say please can i have white rice and egusi with goat meat?

Then she says "ah that would be vegetable rice and egusi" i say nope just "white rice and egusi".

she insists that the white rice would just be garnished with a few vegetables and i'd like it so i say ok then.

next she says how about the starter? we have goat pepper soup and cream of mushroom or onion(can't remember right now) soup.

At this juncture me i ask how much is lunch? and she says N1800 one thousand eight hundred naira only

so i say ok bring the pepper soup then, i can afford N1800 abi?

Then the lady again says i will GIVE you a small bottle of water, and fruit slices as well as ice cream, which flavour do you want? as well.

Yours truly now....

Says ah …

Thank God the week's ended

It's been such a dreary week....

..... never been so happy to see a Friday.

So many issues since monday

Car matters
Issues at work
Sibling issues
Too many bits and pieces hanging loose

Off to Abuja on Sunday for a week


But at least i'd not be in this stress hole for a while

Quite relieved i tell you....

Have a sweet weekend **muah**

This post....

..... is dedicated

to my friend

who came all the way from "America (that's what she thinks Abuja/Benue state is actually;) " to my house in Lagos just to pound yam for my introduction(family meet and greet) which was last Saturday....

My American friend is so Amercianized she has been quite traumatised by all the traffic in Lagos, as well as dust and according to her "filth" on the streets of Lagos LOL

Anyway sweetie pie i love you so so much and you are my bestest friend in Africa;)

This is what my Americana friend looks like:

My friend is the girl in the picture ;)

Yesterday again....

.... i ran into him

It had been so so long

Almost didn't recognise him

He looked well, added some flesh to his skinny ass

I met him at some wedding

he was the best man and i fell in "love" almost immediately

Slept in his arms that night , we didn't get down or anything we just gisted till we fell asleep

The friendship continued

I went to see him in abuja, it was a fun week

Almost got ruined though

He discovered i had a boyfriend....

My plan was to leave said boyfriend for him

Some chick came to see him when i to spend the night with friends and left her skirt so i'd know she'd been there ;) LOL

Got back and he tells me about said chick but says they ain't dating because she's

..... too perfect

Anyway he moves back to Lagos and we continue seeing each other

we gisted for hours on the phone, looking back now i did most of the calling

I didn't mind really, i had abundant airtime :)

we took weekend trips out of Lagos often

Twas so much fun...

Attended his siste…


... i suffered

and i suffered some more

we forgot to load our Prepaid card for Nepa and as such everyone else had light

All day and all night for that matter

while we sat in absolute darkness

Mum said generator noise was too much for her so we sat in the gloom and envied all our neighbours watching Africa magic and the likes

barely slept all night, twas so so hawt...

I'm half asleep as it is!!!

God help me today...

What do you do....

.... when your maid insinuates, or rather says that your husband tried to molest her?


Just finished rushing one bowl of hot amala... :) LOL

Didn't realise i was so hungry

wolfed it down faster than my doggie would have :D

Meeting my prospective in-laws tomorrow

I'm as nervous as hell

wish me luck peeps


I "like" Mondays....

The minutes or rather the hours just always seem to fly past

See now it's almost 11'0' clock and one meaningful work i have not done today :D

Anyway my weekend was fun, spent most of it sleeping.

Which was great...

Didn't exercise though ;) woke up late LOL

The drama i encountered getting to work today wasn't funny at all, left home about 6.17am still didn't arrive at work until almost 8'0' clock. Thankfully my brother did most of the driving :O

The horrors of Lagos roads!!!!

One woman at the bus stop when he got off asked for a lift, i "lied" that i wasn't going her way.

Felt quite bad but you see, this Lagos is so unsafe, we can't just be carrying people we don't know abi?

She had a baby and like "3 loads" by her side.

My car is a "darling get down let uncle enter" type of car(2 door hatchback ) so i couldn't imagine having to first packing all her load to the backseat then hopping in…

Never buy cheap bags

I'm seething with rage here...

Supposedly got a good deal on some handbags last week...

They looked quite nice and cost N3000 each. (What a deal LOL)

Quickly i jumped at two black ones!!!

Carried one throughout last week, noticed that the zip wasn't closing too well after like two days

But i figured i had too many stuff in it.

Yesterday when i had barely anything in it, the zip still gave way...

Decided to swap it, for the "other bigger" one this morning...

While strolling into the office, in my new patent shoes, new black trousers and new black bag ;)

I felt a tug and thought .... "hmmm what now?...."

Alas the strap of the stupid N3000 bag don cut!!!!!!!!


I'm done with cheap bags, don't know what i was thinking in the first place!!!!

Afro says they come in threes....

Just sitting here musing over one of my most mortifying moments which occured two weeks ago

I've got this small cousin...

We're pretty "close"

She looks up to me as her older sis(she hasn't got any biological ones you see)


My then boyfriend and i were just "rabbits" we would get at it any and every where

So for both our good(s) we decide to keep a pack of rubbers at my place...

I hid it far far away, infact it was in the same envelope i kept my mints which were for spraying at every owambe i went that period.


So my other cousin is getting married and i'm running late as usual. LOL

So i grab the envelope, rubbers n all and rush off to the church

I think i manage to make the joining or something.

At some point we need to drop money in the collection bowl

so i turn to my small cousin and ask her to open my purse and get money from the envelope.

All this time i had totally forgotten the contraband in the envelope.

You can just imagine my …


Seems the last time i went to a wedding was aeons ago

Can't remember anyone bringing me aso ebi in the past few months

Could it be that all my friends are now ALL married?????????

This issue of giving children oyinbo names sha

Some relation of mine named her third son ROCK

I've just heard and i still can't get over it i tell you

ROCK as how?????????

Infact that was the exact question i asked the bearer of the "news".

Maybe it's better than the names of the baby's older brothers who are "Bundle of Joy" and "Champion"

Loud Hiss

I'm as bored as hell today, came out of a long meeting which further heightened my boredom

People just like to speak many oyinbo sha

One chick in the meeting just dey blow fone, dey blow fone

Another contributor come talk say "one thing dey "TENABLE"

Na im my fone speaking counterpart ask say wetin "Tenable" mean.

I was in shock i tell you. So upon all the fone she no sabi tenable ..... loud hiss

Live in Lagos!!!!

So there i was peeing in some loo at some random place

when i peeked at the floor

And there lay this packer quite old and obviously well used

It was "shared" at a wedding party and had some wordings or rather a sticker on it

On closer observation of this famous sticker, i almost got a heart attack

It read " Biodun weds Nkechinwe;) "

April 10th 2007


Bride's Granny

At this point i'm wondering did the "Late Mrs so and so" send people to shop for the packer from her grave or was it amongst her last wishes that packers should be shared on her behalf at the girl's wedding?????????????

Nothing that these poor eyes of mine haven't seen in this Lago sef.

Ok so Osuofia is back to her country :D

So i arrive back in Naija amidst plenty drama and vowing never to fly economy class or better still Emirates again....

Kai my journey back was most traumatic ,all sorts happened to me.

I left home quite happy that for the "first time i didn't have any excess baggage". I mean i weighed the bags by lifting them up and as far as i could lift them up it must weigh only 20kg each.... LOL

Imagine my shock when i reached the counter and the lady said my two bags were like 54kg. i almost fainted. meanwhile hand luggage sef reach 11kg.

Anyway i went and repacked the bags( i don't know why i felt that would work) held some stuff in my hands and went to send the bags in...

To cut the story short, bags were sent in at a total of like 47kg.

Next problem was now what to do with the hand luggage, sha i went to board plane oh, couldn't even do any duty free shopping because i had spent so much time, packing and repacking my bags.

I collect my boarding pass and the lady says there'…

This abroad life sha....

As i'm wont to do most times, i observe my surroundings with astute intrigue and a bit of mischief....

I see all sorts and i never cease to be amazed

It's the reason why today as i stepped onto a Zebra crossing i marvelled at oyinbo people once again...

I mean they didn't even need a police man to tell them to stop for me to cross when they did

In my dear Naija, many a pedestrian would have been confined to a wheel chair or maybe even dead when "wicked" and sometimes even stupid Naija motorists would refuse to pause so people can cross!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as i tried to get off the ferry later on, i saw that even oyinbo get some stupid peculiarities too!!! i cannot understand why they all scramble for the door of the ship before the thing comes to a halt.

Today na only me siddon oh, so tey i come begin wonder whether we don reach our destination. of course in my bid to "join the crowd" na so i nearly nack teeth for ground :D LOL

I have shed so much weight since i…

Those who have heads....

..... do not have caps and those who have caps do not have heads!!!!
......Yoruba Proverb

So my very good friend rings me a few days ago to report his wife for the upteenth time...

Story is this, they've been married almost a year and he's totally smitten by her. She seems in love too or so it seemed.

Anyway she gets an opportunity to go off to Czechoslovakia to study and work, some HSMP type arrangement and he encourages her to go. The deal they had is if in a year things aren't as planned she returns and they live happily ever after.

Simple enough yeah?

Now after months and months of paying school fees over and over he finally gets her to explain this "Masters" degree she's acquiring from the abroad. Turns out she's only in " Pre-degree" apparently our Bscs and B.As from Africa don't amount to much in Europe and she has to not only start under grad again but she even has to do Pre-degree(equi…

Here we go again.....

I like this one....

Seems weird

Not even sure why

Just following my heart....

And just happy going with the flow

No apparent flaws for now, it's been six weeks and i'm still on a high

Keeping my fingers strongly crossed on this one

Wish me luck peeps ;)

Still fuming here

This yeye blog sef....

I'm on vacation and i've been away from my blog and finally i got the opportunity to come back on and sat down and typed and typed and typed only for the stupid thing to all just disappear....

I'm so ticked off!!!

And to think i had missed the yeye blog....

Loud hiss....

Let me sha go and try and remember all i had written before....


...... typed a really long and nice post,

then hit publish and the whole thing disappears???????????????????

Loud hiss

One of my many random thoughts

Should we close our eyes when kissing?

And why?

Does it make it more romantic or that's how they do in the movies and thus the way it should be?

Just wondering.....

I keep my eyes wide open while kissing by the way ;)

(This is the height of joblessness and so early in the year too, when everyone is busy being philosophical about the new year and stuff huh!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Sights and sounds from.....

...... Benue

where they have "AUTOPEDIC" clinics and their salons offer "MEDICURE and PEDICURE"

I had a good vacation, went touring Nigeria;)