One of my many random thoughts

Should we close our eyes when kissing?

And why?

Does it make it more romantic or that's how they do in the movies and thus the way it should be?

Just wondering.....

I keep my eyes wide open while kissing by the way ;)

(This is the height of joblessness and so early in the year too, when everyone is busy being philosophical about the new year and stuff huh!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Belle said…

i keep em closed to prevent that annoying double image thingy that happens when you're too close to something/someone. lol

Happy new year! And ermm... where's the mandatory philosophical post?!!!
Afrobabe said…
Mine flunctuate between closed and them half way to see if he is in ecstacy...usually the monkey's eyes are open and he quickly closes them at that point...

Happy new year, where is my gele?
Bubbles said…
I think u should do whatever makes u comfortable. I like closing my eyes, helps me stay in the moment.

Happy new yr!
Ugo Daniels said…
Thing is, eyes closed when kissing accentuates ur other senses like touch, sound, feel, smell and obliterates your sense of vision.

This helps in no small measure towards gettn the much needed effect out of the kiss.

But of course, there can be exemptions to the rule.

Happy new year
fluffycutething said…
@belle- still working on that philosophical post ok!!! ;)

@afro- u can come to Africa to collect ur gele u hear

@ bubbles- for some odd reason i feel d other person(usually a guy;) would be staring at me, so i just quietly leave my eyes open biko

@Ugo D- I just may try closing my eyes i want to experience these many things you have said :)
fluffycutething said…

Wish i could send you all chocolates and flowers ;)
Carlang said…
Most of the time i kiss with my eyes closed.
Most of the time.

The eyes are the doorway to the soul.
I keep mine shut so she doesn't see what i have planned for her...

Yeah Just one kiss and I'll be gone..

If only she knew.

But she doesn't..because i keep em closed.

Stop peeping!
NikkiSab said…
i agrre with Ugo. My eyes are closed wen kissing. I tink d psn isnt intrested or feelin it wen i find out dia eyes open.
Mojisola said…
I close my eyes because well, I could burst out laughing or see something interesting on his face that I didn't notice before.

My mind wanders a lot and its easier to close your eyes anyway.

Where have you been!!!
kokolette said…
lawl @ Mojisola...burst out laughing ke?
any, me I always smile when kissing, I feel it takes away from the seriousness of the moment!
and 50-50 I keep them closed for many of the above mentioned reasons
Naapali said…
Eyes wide shut is a very philosophical debate. Do you like what you see or would u rather close your eyes and imagine?
pamelastitch said…

you should read my blog on my first kiss....
laspapi said…
it's weird to open your eyes and see one succubus staring at you while she's meant to be enjoying the moment.

fluffy, you shouldn't keep your eyes open o!

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