Monday, 22 September 2008

I was just reminded... LG's post on madness of some very amusing scene i witnessed a few years back :D
So there i was a new corporate executive ;)

Standing on Karimu Kotun street, waiting to buy food from some woman who had nice, hot and cheap rice+meat, dodo, beans (the works;)...

We were quite a mix- drivers, cleaners, office assistants and a few executives like myself (this was before we stepped up to munchies and the likes for breakfast oh LOL)

This guy is hovering around, and i just thought he wanted to buy his breakfast too and just carried on my banter with my colleague who was with me at the time!!!

The seller says to us all "oh please excuse me, let me sort this fellow out and get on with my business"

So she packs rice, fish, maybe plantain sef into a nylon bag and hands it to the fellow....

Apparently he's mad(i'm not sure what politically correct word to use biko). Must be some effect of hard drugs or something, because he's not as dirty looking as they usually are but you'll know he has a problem sha!!!

Then he moves off and walks right back to her shoulder and says " Aunty what of pure water?"

She was so infuriated she grabbed a broom and flung at him raining abuses on him!!!

At this point i start to laugh because if not that he's truly mad how will someone dash you free food and all you have to say is "Aunty what of pure water"

No thank you, nothing, only aunty what of pure water???????



doll said...

first. let me go and read

doll said...


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

give someone an inch and they will take a mile
I bet that was the last free meal he had from Auntie .

archiwiz said...

LOL....Aunty what of pure water. Give allow, and he wanted to take allowance....:) Hope your genesis is coming along nicely..:D

FineBoy Agbero said...

But d guy dey right now. Ahn-ahn, no pure water? Who go give am? LOL!
U lucky say as u dey laff d guy no turn face u. Na dat time u go know say he need pure wata!

1st tym here sha: nice blog!

fluffycutething said...

@Doll- every time i remember the incident na so so laugh i dey laugh too!!

@Miss Def- After the pure water,i wonder what he'd have asked for LOL

@Archiwiz- i just tire for the guy oh!!!

@Fineboy agbero-As the boy na ur brother why u no go support am? ehn? :D Na Fanta im for ask for next time u hear!!!

Afrobabe said...

But its true now, did u want the guy to choke cos of free food?/? ndok....

fluffycutething said...

@Afro- Trust you to "side" the man, i'm sure if you were there you'd have told the woman to give him coke with the food sef LOL Nonsense Awoof people!!!!!

LG said...

buhahahahahahahahahahaha see

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