Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just typed a long post and this STUUUUPPPIIIDDDDD blogger of course didn't save or publish it!!!!!!!!!!!!



chayoma said…
Ouch Fluff...
it`s alright!
Sure you will come up with something to keep us glued to ya!

Mojisola said…
Pele dear, maybe yu should consider saving on word first or, just keep hitting publish post until it goes through.

Big kiss for Abayomi.
naijagirl said…
hahaha, i am wondering is this the bloggers fault? Nah, i thnk i will blame your fingers for not quickly pushing the save button....darn fingers.

pele my dear
I read this already and could have sworn I left a comment sometime last week.

Anyway, hope all is well oh!
BSNC said…
lol eya sory. it happened to me a while ago..
LusciousRon said…
Pele. Type in MSword, copy and paste to blogger. That way you won't have to retype evry time it goes AWOL.
musco said…
kind of frustrating isn't it?

that'a absolutely part of wot naija ISPs ve to offer ... isn't it?
doll said…
sorry babes
Hwz ur cutie doing

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