Old fashioned but happy?

i'm staying at my brother's for a while....

And i find something quite amusing which he and his wife have practised for as long as i can remember. They're young both less than fourty but they address each other as Mummy A and Daddy B!!!

Now it's funny to me because i know no one else in this generation who does that. Infact when he calls her, she says sahhhhhh LMAO.

sillier i assume but i find one thing they have a peaceful marriage. Sure there must be other factors that contribute to the happiness and tranquility (even though i find it keeps me kinda edgy... it's too quiet and stiff LOL) in their home but could that be a major contributor????????

That men like to be so respected????????

I call my hubby by name and all my friends do too. None has been disrespectful to him but i have been rude to him several times and though i'm ashamed to say this even in their presence....

i was younger in the marriage then and didn't know better and obviously we were going through rough patches.

But recently a close friend's behaviour to him and some comments that she has made have got me brooding...

Respect really really does have to be given to the man.

But then must i call him daddy?????????


respect should be a two way thing...calling him daddy in my opinion is weird actually...women turn over backwards for their men but never really get their own share of respect...
Myne Whitman said…
I don't call my SO Daddy but that's maybe cos we don't have any kids yet. I imagine I may do that once in a while for the children's sake. You know the funny thing? I catch myself answering Sir when he calls me sometimes lol...

Respect is really very important especially when in public.
Respect is in important...but i believe it surpasses the name that you call your husband/wife...I can call someone dad and not respect them...
rayo said…
i dont think its about the label attached, there are people i call 'aunty' 'uncle' that i dont respect. its important to respect one's partner but i dont think im ever goin to call him 'daddy'
SHE said…
Where have you been?

Most of the people I know who call "daddy" do so for one religious reason or the other.
I don't think it matters jare. What if one day you say, "daddy, why are you acting like a fool now?"
Does it not negate the "respectful apellation"
doll said…
in their presence..???never again biko...Daddy ke? NO NO..that is so unromanic and stiff..u can get a pet name..like Temi, Nkem, my dear, etc
Ibilola said…
What matters more than name is how the person is perceived.
If you know all the person's scoin scoin u are more likely to be rude.

As women, we like to 'share' our problems with sympathetic listeners which becomes a problem when the listeners' can only see the person through their scoin-scoin.

I like how prov 17:7 puts it (Allow me preach small ;) "He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends"
I have no problems with over respecting a nigerian man, it will make my life easy ultimately and I really don't have anything to prove. Also, I'm not too submissive so I tend to compensate for that by being very respectful and most times I can have my way.

I won't tolerate my friends being disrespectful to my boyfriend, not to talk of my husband. Because at the end of the day they will go home to their own husbands and enjoy peace.
LOL.I had missed a lot ehn?

I & hubby have nicknames we call each other that friends also use.

Alas! remember this joke; A woman was fond of abusing her hubby in public because the guy no de drop chop money. so one day, the son had a fight with a neighbor, guess what he called the boy.... OMO BABA OLUSHI![the son of an idiot!] because that is what the mother calls the father every morning OLUSHI NE! So sista, i rest my case o! lol
Anoda Phase said…
No, you don't have to call him daddy...but respect is an absolute must, and it should be mutual too.
ibiluv said…
respect no be by name o



just love and respect ya man!!!!!!!!!!!
aloted said…
hmm i feel u on this post.
my parents use daddy and mummy for each other. now that we have a daughter i call my hubby daddy for her benefit but wen talking to him i dont call him daddy.

i feel u about respect..and about your friends stepping to your man anyhow. we do need to be conscious of how we address our men outside and infront of the kids also. me am still learning sha!

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