Friday, 28 May 2010

This n that!!!

Just got back from my mum's place... she was making moin moin amidst so much drama and noise!!!
mumsie likes to be quite dramatic in the kitchen, i remember when i was younger like 4 of us kids, plus help, cousin and whatever child was home were ALL expected to squeeze into the small ok medium sized kitchen and cook ONE pot of stew... kai the drama was always much.... " Turn the soup", " make sure your hand is positioned in this way", then she grabs the spoon and turns the stew herself LOL and of course one person would usually get smacked or slapped LOL

I digress

Today's drama started with how her help is so efficient and how she peeled the beans in 30 mins and i promptly killed her excitement by saying " before nko? does peeling beans require special skill?" kai mumsie oh LOL then she continued with her issuing 20 instructions at the same time and plenty shout shout just to make like 20 pieces of moin moin

Moin moin days are/were really bad i tell you

I guess trauma from these dramas is the reason why i am unable to make moin moin plus another experience from my NYSC days which i will share another day...


Myne Whitman said...

It's been a while, how are you and your family? Your mum sounds like mum, I still don't like to this day cos of all the wahala, but yeah I learnt, lol.

Afrobabe said...

See her looking for excuse for her sorry ass moimoi!!

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