Quick one abeg!!!

My husband is right now watching "girls of the playboy mansion" should i be worried?


Myne Whitman said…
join he jare, lol..
Onose said…
well why should he watch that when he has you?
Blessing said…
I agree with Myne!...oh give him something else to watch ;-)
SHE said…
LOL! I don't thinnk you should be worried. Its not porn jare.
doll said…
watch with him jare
lol....nah don't be....join him and tell him to even update you on what's happening.....hehehehe
LG said…
lolllllllll see myne o :)
SHE u lie...ITS PORN simple n shot!!

*mummy ay, ara nko???
Mojisola said…
lol, why? No biggie. I wouldn't worry about tv women.
Anonymous said…
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LG said…
iya a-y, how bodi? otojo meta o' howz d family, hope us is well o.
Anonymous said…
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I say you watch it with him.
Maybe as you laugh about how silly the show is, you'll both find another worth watching instead.

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