Saturday, 25 December 2010

Annoying habits of my other half!!!!

So I stumbled on this meme on nairaland but the comment box wasn’t adequate for me to detail my dear spouse’s own so here I am settling down to “offload” this dilemma of mine….
I must start from the beginning
My mother in law is a sweet little woman…. She’s actually small physically so little is apt in describing her.Most times I feel know I got a good deal as per getting her for a(an) MIL!!!She’s peaceful and quite generous but …

She fidgets… kai the woman can’t just keep still!!! She must always just find one activity or the other for herself. It usually doesn’t bother me except when I have to wake up at 6am because she wants to bath the kids…or she packs hubby’s cloths that she wants to wash them. The day after no 2’s naming ceremony you can imagine my shock when I strolled into the kitchen and there she was FRYING MOIN MOIN supposedly to preserve it. IMO because she had nothing else to do….

So now to today’s story :D
She has passed this fidgeting habit to my dear spouse….
At first it wasn’t so obvious but over time I can see that my dear spouse has a hard time keeping still.It wouldn’t matter so much if the fidgeting doesn’t make him turn my world upside down in the bid of helping (IMO joblessness) but more and more im tempted to flog my husband for this silly habit…
He can just head to the children’s drawers and say he’s arranging and just distort my already colour, size and occasion sequenced arrangement of the said clothes, bear in mind that I mostly dress up the kids…. So my own order of arrangement should be in place abi?
On some other occasion my dear spouse peeled nearly N500 worth of irish potatoes and sliced them and kept in the freezer(I no send am work oh and we were not eating chips for breakfast/lunch/dinner oh) then kept ranting about “that’s how things should be done etc” the next day when the potatoes started to go black he had nothing to say again….
Today now he has emptied my freezer and is going on about how I didn’t arrange the things properly and how my space management is not good etc etc I have gone to look now meat he has left on the counter top, bread he has abandoned on the counter top and he has the nerve to tell me to stop leaving remnants in the freezer… where do I then keep them biko?
The supposed reorganization of the freezer has the whole place looking quite jam packed so I wonder what he was/is going on about!!!
I have told him he will have to decide who Is going to do kitchen management at this rate, whether na me or na him….
Because I don tire~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Madame Sting said...

lol...very funny. Merry Christmas.

Fabulo-la said...

Give him aproject or sth. Maybe he'll stay out of your own areas. lool

merry christmas!

Blessing said...

eyah..sorry o!

Lmbo @ ur mom in law fryin moi moi!!!!

Happy Holidays!

Mojisola said...

Lol, my hubby does the same thing, acting like he knows more efficient ways for everything. Like when I was weaning baby no 2 off the pacifier, I had made up my mind to do it at a time when I was free enough to ignore the night time cries. Hubby decided 6months. when the boy began screaming his head off, i moved with me and my pillow to the next room.

Next night, he sterilized the pacifier himself and stuck it in the boy's mouth. I just tire sometimes.

doll said...


But let him know that the kitchen and the children stuff and every other thing you make the most use of should be organized by you

Frying moimoi wow! lol

P.E.T. Projects said...

Frying Moin moin... how?

Lol at ur husband tryna help out.
IMHO, i think you shouldnt totally discourage him from helping out in the house cos if he stops u'll completely hate it. So talk to him about how u want things to be done, hopefully he'll understand ur point of view and if not... well na to dey rearrange everytime be that!

Merry Christmas

LG said...

LOL, sum pple i kno r like dat *winks*

compliments of d season dearie, howz ayobami?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

AM BACK! & laughing so hard o!.. shioo! dear sister, i would gladly give him the kitchen management! w-h-y?, you might ask?...simply becox he would spend more money in cooking than i will! shikenna... lolllll.. arranging your kids drawers.. .hmmmm.... * burst out laughing*..i see what you mean...e pele o...take care.

Anonymous said...

P.E.T, BLESSING & DOLL...yeah, leftover moin-moin is usually fried the next day like akara so as to preserve it & taste good.

P.E.T. Projects said...

We learn something new daily, thanks for the moin-moin enlightenment NG.

Fluffy, I have nominated u for the stylish and versatile blogger award, move over to to find out what you need to do. thanks.

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