Random paparazzo 2

Maybe we can make this paparazzo business a regular feature on this blog... :D
I find some terms in my new place of work strange…. My boss is called a CONTROLLER Well since I am MANAGER surely that is the only way to show the world that he is my boss
Enjoy these random paparazzoooosssss my fellow bloggers

That's my neighbour at his gate....

Yep he will never RELEGATE!!!
That's No 2 browsing :D

Yes oh MOTORS are not allowed after 11pm and "latecomers" will be persecuted!!

Have a good week people


P.E.T. Projects said…
Your neighbour needs a lecture on indecent exposure, and that towel??? Didnt he read 2011 memo? Abeg, Old things should have passed away.

I see u're practising catch them young for No 2. Mark Zuckerberg in the making.
Blessing said…
lol @ your pix!
So the controller CoNTROLS the manager.

I should send a link to your blog to your neighbour....lol!
Ibhade {NG} said…
lolllll....chei! na wa for ya neigbor oooo!...relegate?..hahahaha. motors? jeez! this typo worst pass my own self!...hey! lovely...IT gurus in the making ooo...hilarious pix sistah..weldone.
LusciousRon said…
Lmao at No 2 browsing. He is adorable! Your neighbour huh? Why does he have a towel round his waist and by the gate? He coulda worn shorts and T-shirt!
LG said…
LMAO at ur neighbour, i tot dat was 'kasali' ur gateman :)

btw i want 2 c ayobami joor :)
SHE said…
Did someone ever call your neighbour sexy? SMH

Me sef wonder, if I can't come in, after 12, where is the late-coming inside again?
Anonymous said…
Sorry for the stupid question. What is the best search engine http://google.com or http://yahoo.com?

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