Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Post

I just dislike it when people say "I am strong" to communicate that they feel unwell. It really irks me....

I meant to wax my eyebrows today oh.... maybe tomorrow sha. Cant wait for the hot wax to be spread across my forehead lol i don dey kolo oh

i wanted to blog since and since but my friend's son was kidnapped it didnt seem appropriate to blog during such a period. Was too sad to function properly that time sef...

We thank God he was returned home safely last saturday....

I'm copying my friend Ibiliv's style of writing today ;) oh

I miss LG too wonder where she is sef, last i remember she was in Abj. Abi?

Person don dey old oh small small i don dey near 40.... i'll be 31 in a few months time.

If only i could just get my thoughts together and blog "properly"

My Commander and Controller are fine...

i was at my doctor's last week imagine my shock when he brought out his biro. Not only was it bic.... half had broken so the plastic that holds the ink was bare. Havent seen such a sight since secondary school... infact primary school.

Then his phone rang and believe it or not his ring tone is the Barbie theme song. You know the "i'm a barbie girl. in a barbie world" etc etc

Well maybe he doesnt know it's barbie theme song

Havent been able to take any random pics my Iphone was stolen

Been quite sad since

Especially when i think of the cost of replacement.

Ok what else is there to say...

I miss having sex

quite odd for a married woman i must admit

But you see that's how life is.... you cant explain many things!!!!

i better go now.

Maybe i'll be able to put up a more co-ordinated post in the near future


P.E.T. Projects said...

Babes, sorry about ur phone... tell Controller/Commander now.

LOL @ the biro... its a reflection of the state of our medical system.

And barbie song.... maybe his daughter likes it

I miss LG too, she's busy busy busy, work and stuff.

Mood swings are just terrible sometimes... try and shake it off, atleast u're alive and healthy. And u have the Lagos big girl task to achieve LOL.

Greetings to Abayomi and Number 2. What's his name?

Fluffycutething said...

Thanks for stopping by dear...

No 1 is actually AYOBAMI not Abayomi

No 2 is Toluwalase aka Tlash :D

P.E.T. Projects said...

No be me 'do miscake', na my hand... my mind was thinkin Ayobami but my hand was typing something else... but same letter na ni jor.

Tlash.. hmmm u've funkified it sharply. How are his computer skills now? LOL

BTW, shey u know u put up this post twice? oya take one down (not this one wey i don comment oh)

Fluffycutething said...

Thanks for pointing that out jare....

Twas my friend i heard calling another child TLash oh so we actually borrowed the name :D

I have been "hiding" my computer so he hasnt had Microsoft practice for some time now oh LOL

Prism of an immigrant said...

I also hate hearing that positive confession. Saying how you feel doesn't mean you're negative.

LOL @the doctor's pen and ring tone. If he doesn't have a daughter or niece, then that's serious sha.

Jadesola said...

Sorry about your missing phone. Hope you get another soon.
I hope you dont mind my asking, where do you get your eyebrows waxed in Lagos?

HoneyDame said...

hheheheheh...we or perhaps, more appropriately, I have missed your updates....TLash....I love how that sounds. Perhaps I can start name gathering and elimination for my prospective children...married and missing sex? Dont you live with your husband? Jump his bones and rape him joo!!!

SHE said...

I hate that "I'm strong " too. when a person is ill, then they are ill, and they should not try to confuse us.

Lol at your doctor's biro. He probably just doesn't care.

Lara said...

I hate the "I am strong" or "my enemy is sick".

Sorry about your iPhone...and is your friend's son the one on every one's lips and media a while back. God will continue to protect us and our loved ones.

Iwalewa (Beauty is in the character) said...

Thank God for your friend's son and I didn't quite understand the "I am strong" part at first but....btw nice blog :)

@ilola said...

Lol, true random confessions. People say the are well because the mind has a way of processing positive confessions, what you say activates your faith, bla bla bla, It is a whole lot of complex theory.

Ibhade said...

You are a friend to the mother of the 10months old baby that was kidnapped & later returned at the Republic of Benin after the ransom was paid? E pele ooo & we thank GOD oo.

Lol @ the scene in the Doctor's office..after all the expensive bills dem dey charge, dem no fit pay golden ball pen? :))))

doll said...

thank God the baby has been found

How are my children?

kitkat said...

haha, why couldnt ur doc get a decent pen? :p
and mabybe his kid tampered with his phone and changed the ringtone lol
sowi bout ur stolen phone, that must really suck for you.
and hope u have sex in the nearest future :p

ibiluv said...

copy copy

pele about ur fone-i get sad when i loose things too

yea i was sad about the missing boy too

was so glad to hear he was safely returned

all of una whey don marry whey dey miss sex

you people should stop fearing us ooo

abeg grab oga when he gets home joooo

and have your naughty way with him

the barbie song?children do that to a grown man

his biro?na d doctorism cause am
absent-minded with trivial things like biros

me i wan tatoo my eyebrows-u dey wax

see life.........

Dee! said...

Thank God (once again) that little boy was found!

If the Doc is a father, then my take is that his daughter is a Barbie fan. I can't think of an excuse for that "bic" of his.

Stay blessed!

Daughter of Her King said...

looool @ the theme song....funny..

awwww at missing sex.. u should totally get ur groove on with hubby now.. I bet he misses u like CRAZY...

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