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Long time no see....

My lappie crashed and i havent been able to replace it. One would have thought owning a BB would solve that challenge but truth is some of us are still technologically challenged ;)

So much has happened i tell you, i mean even Tlash is gonna be One tomorrow.... i wonder if he even is aware of that fact sef :D Never mind me and Ayobami know and are gonna rock on his behalf ;0

One of the many things that have happened to me are three embarassing incidents i just must share!!! My job as a MANAGER(you know now lol) requires me to go hopping from one office to the other. So i have met all sorts of receptionists from the haughty(i assume these ones think they are management staff) to the very nice and friendly as well as the next two i'd be discussing in the next paragraph!!!

While waiting to see someone in HR i got friendly with receptionist 1. I told her my need and tried to get some info off her. Next thing she starts to tell me how she attends Fountain of Life and can dream dreams... From there she says she dreamt that her sister was travelling and true true the sister went to abroad.... then one man that is thier customer and he's close to her. The man is close to Mike Adenuga( or his daddy sef) and she had once dreamt or seen a vision of herself working in Glo…. She wanted to know whether to ask the man to tell Mike Adenuga to employ her or some errant nonsense like that. Wetin concern me concern all that one?

The next one too started off friendly. By my next visit to the office she wanted to know what hospitals were good for gynaelogical issues and stuff(I work in health insurance). Next thing she starts to tell me shes had a previous miscarriage and while I am still squirming from discomfort she goes on to say in her current pregnancy too she started spotting and she went to a midwife/modern herbal doctor not juju woman according to her oh lol. She said the woman assured her nothing will happen to the belle. At this point I quickly told her of a good clinic and scampered off….. which kain thing be that????????????

The last episode was just the worst mbok

I was trying to buy some toys for ,my boys and the 2nd time I went to the shop to pick the items.i met the owner in a bid to be friendly I asked her if the baby I had met on the 1st visit was hers. So she laughed and said that’ll probably be her grandchild. Then she brought out family pics of them in Dubai showing her husband and daughter. And said she was celebrating 25years wedding anniversary or so… her friend who was there then said “ah you and Emeka have been together for so long” (or something like that). Then she says out loud in the presence of even her sales girls “ Emeka disvirgined me you know” . at that point I paid and ran out of the shop….

I mean am I wearing a sign that says ‘you can tell me EVERYTHING?


P.E.T. Projects said…
LOL, you should know that people have all sorts of issues bugging them hence once you show a little concern a few will unburden at your feet sharply. But the 25yrs-in-marriage woman shoulds known better.

So like play like play u will not send me an invite to the party abi?
Madame Sting said…
lol...welcome to life in America, apparently the disease don spread to naija. When i first got here, na so i dey surprise at the ease with which people you are just meeting for the first time tell you everything. I don't know if that happens in all of America but it definitely happens in the south. Now, i'm used to it and expect it.
doll said…
LMAO TMI definitely
Sugabelly said…
Omg!Eww!! I don't know what is wrong with some Nigerian women.
Myne Whitman said…
It's like naija women don dey over belleful like abroad, lol...
LG said…
MBOK lol
u for tell dat babe to c vision 4 u nau :))

glad to kno u r ok; n my regards to Tslash, he's a july baby too yay!!
SHE said…
Sometimes, people believe they shouldn't keep quiet about their issues because they never know where they can get help.

The 25 years woman was just "boasting". You get?
LusciousRon said…
Definitely TMI! But some people believe that telling a stranger something doesn't count as telling someone who might recount the story as gossip. Or they get the trust vibe from you :D

Happy birthday to your son.
Blessing said…
Ha ha haaaa....pele...I guess ppl feel comfortable around you!
Ibhade said…
Hahahahahahaa, nah your friendly attitude cause am , so no vex..happy birthday to Tisha, {i know am late}.. but where is my cake?
Ibhade said…
tslash, i meant ;D
Mojisola said…
Lol, I guess so. Happy Birthday to Tlash!

Still giggling @ 25yrs married and "he was her first"

a) I didnt know people still cared after that much time

b) I guess the other women in the shop looked like bed hoppers,lol.

careful o the dreamer will soon dream a dream for you too.
FCT, just discovered you. Amazing that we existed in this same blogsphere without jamming earlier. Love, love the blog. Will be blogstalking you now. (insert maniacal evil laugh)
ibiluv said…
remove the sign
or the aura around you
oh yes
stop being friendly......
EsteribyEnii said…
I am really laughing hard!

This thing happens to me too! A woman once cornered me at De Gaulle Airport in France to tell me she is on her period and the flow is like this and like that! of course she is a Nigerian .... and I ran away fast!

the last story took the final piss! "Emeka disvirgined me you know"! OMG!
lool.... too funny.. jokes..

I guess u seems lovely and pleasant person.

lol @ Emeka disvirgined me.

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