Re: 1st blog challenge

So in this week.....
I have successfuly made a food time table for everyone in the house as well as for the kids meals for school and after school care.
The prayer now is that i get to follow it religiously.LOL
I am also looking to make adjustments to it every quarter( for variety's sakes)
i'd have put it up but i'm not using the same computer i worked it on to type this post.
Maybe later
The challenge for the coming week is cleaning


Myne Whitman said…
I don't like menus for food cos I can eat the same thing forever, lol. But yeah a routine for cleaning...very important.
Mikki said…
I hate food time tables.. ever since high school. let me eat what I feel and feel what I eat.

HOwever, when kids are in the picture. coupled with work and husband. I dont blame you. The single days of "honey, what do you want to eat? IDK" are long and gone. lol

Fluffycutething said…
Thanks for always stopping by Myne *hugs* even I can conveniently live on rice and stew daily oh but I have to consider others lol

Mikki I didn't realise you were this funny! Indeed those days are long gone :D the timetable helps me mostly with food that the boys take to school n so on ;)
Kathy C. said…
Awesome job!! Keep it up! Just posted the cleaning challenge for the week. :)
Afronuts said… time tables are like the ones in school...There are days you are having ur favorite subject and there are days you're having a subject you loath - replace subject with food!

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