Tuesday, 9 June 2015

New Post

If only i could blog immediately i get inspired for a new post.... then i wont have to be cracking my head on what to write about.... *sighs*

The support staff in my office are driving me nuts. I wish my oga wasn't such a cheap skate at least one would be able to employ semi-professionals for these odd jobs mcheeeewww The nitwits can make one's hair stand.

These days i feel a bit lonely. Mid last year one or two of the friends i valued deeply had started to behave in really odd ways. It made me cut back a bit on relating with them and vice versa. I have searched my conscience and i'm clear that i havent done wrong.. it's just a drifting apart. Doesn't make the loneliness easier anyway....

The boys are fine. Still as mischievous :D  Looked at no 1 this morning and was surprised at how much he and indeed No 2 have grown up! if only they would stop sleeping in my bed *sighs* 

Today wasn't so exciting at work. Not much happened... just work work and more work

So much on the mind and i don't even know how to frame the words!

Still on the transformation path.. It's a slow transformation of my living arrangement but it's happening nonetheless. The battle of the bulge seems not to be happening as at now. My weight has skyrocketed and i just feel out of sorts on the subject. I wanna adopt a complete wholesome lifestyle change and i'm still hoping this year i will get on the track somehow. It's a mind over matter really... Fingers crossed on the subject.

I still find myself at cross roads on some issues though and sometimes i really wonder whether i'm going or i'm coming!


Okeoghene said...

You have a lot of things on your mind obviously. Good to hear you and the boys are doing ok.

@ilola said...

Wow, you are back to blogging? Just found out from Okeoghene's blog. Welcome back.

The Devil's Agenda for the Church

chrisyinks said...

Just take life piece by piece. I'm certain with time everything would fall into its rightful place. Sometimes relationship especially treasured ones can take an uneventful turn. Everything has its seasons.

Good one that your boys are doing well. It's amazing how time flies by with reference to a child's development.

Mojisola said...

At last, I have been stalking your blog for a new post forever. Glad the home renovation is coming along, lots of ideas on Pinterest (though I never do any of them, I get stuck in the planning stage) The weightloss thing is a nightmare! I yoyo so much I sometimes think I may just give up and try to be a happy plump woman but there are no cute clothes for happy plump women. . .glad you are back though.

PS I thought you had moved back to Ogas' room?

sykik said...

Sending you hugs. Take it easy and enjoy how you look now. I am tired of people telling me to "chop up". Good to know the boys are growing well....before you know it..they will be dating and getting married...hahaha.....you and your husband will now be back to boyfriend and girlfriend days.

It is well

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Fluffycutething said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

@ Moji- i did "move" back but "they" followed me *sighs* LOL

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Mojisola said...

Lmao @ "they followed me" the many joys of motherhood *hugs*

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