Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Quag tins again!!!!!!!!!!

Living in this country has many ups, the down sides too are just as much or perhaps even more!

Two Mondays ago, i woke up early, energetic and charged to face the world with a new vigour....

At 5.30 am i got into traffic and was lost in my thoughts! Next thing some fellow was flashing a torch into my car, i tried to veer off which was impossible as there were cars everywhere and the fellow or fellows(don't even know anymore) smashed my back passenger window and moved my laptop. He also asked for my bag which i handed to him without resistance! I still wish i had a gun on me to fire him straight in the chest....

It wasn't even 5.35 am and i had been dispossessed of many of my valuables except my life that is,.... i am most grateful. I hear not everyone is luckily to take off with their lives.

To God be the glory....

Been traumatized and literally unable to drive since then...

Some how I've also lost vigor and energy to face life and living as it were....

I wish the few psychologists we had in Lagos weren't so expensive, i do need therapy.


HoneyDame said...

Oh dear!!!!! I am so sorry to read this! Sometime earlier this year, I was followed home too. Just like you, I wished I had some powers, both physical and terrestrial to inflict some harm on the never-do-wells.
It is a very mentally and psychologically crippling experience! Terrible!
Keep pushing and stay strong!

Fluffycutething said...

Thanks for the encouragement dear!!!!!!!! I think the trauma one experiences can only be felt by people who have crossed paths with these nasty people. God will continue to keep us safe *hugs*

LadyNgo said...

Oh wow. Sorry you had to go through that. Glad they didn't try to hurt you. Its such a scary world we live in

Beautiful said...

Oh noooo, that's sad!
How are you feeling now?
I can be your therapist for free :)
Do take care next time, lock your laptop in the boot or place it under the chair not on it.
I sometimes wonder how i'll cope IF i move back home....phew

Fluffycutething said...

Thanks LadyNgo! It seems it's more common place in the last quarter of the year! May God keep us oh

Beautiful.... was searching frantically for your blog the other day. I hoped you would have started blogging again *hugs*. Thanks for the tips i'd surely apply them once i start driving again

Mojisola said...

Pele love, its that time of the year again. May God protect your going and coming.

Olurun 'o ni je ka ri nko buruku.

@ilola said...

Aww, sorry about this. You must have really been shaken. Sorry. When I was working at 9-5, we were always told to keep our laptops in the boot, and never in the car.

My first online shopping experience in Nigeria

mizchif said...

OMG!!! That's so horrible. So sorry you had to experience that. I've been hearing a lot about such incident. I now try to remember to put all my stuff in the trunk before I hit the road. Sigh. This Lagos. May God keep us.

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