Thursday, 3 December 2015

Master toilet?

Not sure what the landlord was thinking really but this is what the toilet and bathroom in the master bedroom of our former  house looks like!!!!


Chili Pepa said...

Wow! Just wow!

Akibo Tomilola said...

LOOOOL!!! WOW!!! The key word here being 'Former' How did you cope with it? Incredible!!!

Mojisola said...

hmm, I dont even want to ask what the other toilet looked like. Smh Naija tins

'Lara A said...

One question, what did the one in the other room look like.
Sadly there are plenty buildings like this in Lagos.

sykik said...

Kilode, the landlord must be a mean person.

Compliments of the season ma'am

Sugabelly said...

Hahahaha omg, I keep saying Nigerians don't know how to build bathrooms and toilets. This is my BIGGEST pet peeve about living in Nigeria. It's absolutely the worst!

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