Thursday, 18 January 2007

The boyfriend made me do this

I can't actually believe i'm now a blogger :-)

I've read quite a bit of blogs in the recent past and found it quite interesting and amazing the "gists" in these blogs.

Anyway the boyfriend made me do this.....

I'm not particularly poetic or anything but i'm just going to expressing myself on this thing cos my friends have had their ears full on these man matters of mine.

Anyway(again :-) i was feeling mushy yesterday so i went to see the boyfriend.. we started off pretty well until he refused outrightly to cuddle me.

Now here's the problem, it's not the first time he's refused to be "cuddly" but last nite i had had it!!! so i said let's talk and we start talking and he says to me "U know i always pray i never constitute a nuisance to people" and i say "so where's this leading to?" and he says "sometimes i feel u border on constituting a nuisance"

I was so shocked i got up and lay the bed(i never do this you see... ) while laying the bed i find and earring that wasn't mine(obviously).... i throw it at him and i leave.

I give him some time thinking he'd say he was sorry etc etc

But he didn't... so i call him to ask him if he really meant that and so on. He says not exactly but sometimes i do stifle him. Now if we'd been dating for just six months i'd have walked. But this is over 3 years of my life investments were talking about here.....

I still can't believe it actually all the while i thought i was being "lovey dovey" and giving him pleasure he was just tolerating it.

Now we've had many issues but this time i'm just going to crawl into my shell reevaluate myself and generally just see if it's worth it to forge ahead or just look for another mr right.

Next issue do i or do i not broach the "famous earring" issue?

i hope someone actually leaves a comment


N.B- i hope blogging will be just as much fun writing as it was reading anonymously!!!!!!!!!


LondonBuki said...

Hello... just found your blog!

This was an interesting post! I will read the rest of your blog now...


Daddy's Girl said...

Hey there, you fluffy cute thing (nice name by the way)! Just found out about your blog from Buki's blog. I'm hope that you find blogging useful in one way or the other. Gosh, that must not have been funny with the boyfriend. How could he? Did he really mean it or was he just in a bad mood? Well, if he really meant it, I guess it's good that you now know how he feels and can figure out how best to deal with it... good luck.

About the earring - well, it's not the kind of thing anyone can advise you on - depends on your own standards for the relationship, what you personally can deal with. It's a toughie. I feel I would confront him - but that's me. And men, a confrontation would really mean opening up Pandora's box... so if you make that decision, be prepared to deal with all the questions and (lack of) trust issues to follow.

Well, whatever you choose to do - good luck, and I really really hope things work out for you!

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