Wednesday, 24 January 2007

This new year resolution matters.....

At the beginning of this year i set out to achieve quite a bit of stuff as is typical of people with the advent of every new year.

I'm hoping that for a change i'd be actually able to follow through and achieve much.

For one i said i'd start blogging and possibly improve on my writing skills.... well so far so good.

Another resolution was to keep up my "lagos big girl attending every function/socialite" status and well so far so good.... i've got a few invites lined up and i'm looking forward to the parties like anything!!! Why i get so excited at the thought of a social celebration i cannot fathom honestly...Some of my friends think i like showing off but honestly i don't think so because i usually get to these parties and sit quietly having fun on my seat in a corner!!!! The aso ebis are another thing i just love mixing into the colourful blend of Lagos parties......

The main resolution currently giving me a challenge is this weight loss matter. For some reason i have expanded over the years and the fat has refused to melt away especially in my tummy!!!!! I acquired a doggie a year ago and had hoped that walking him would help to shed some of this weight but alas the only walks/runs he gets are when he's chasing lizards and rats around the compound..... I need help!!!!! or i will soon explode. I just can't seem to find motivation anywhere!!!!!

Next is the career thing..... now here i'm kinda limited because i can't just get up and change jobs and i am so so bored with my current job!!!! God will open my eyes and lead me concerning what to do because yours truly is tired of going through the motions.... I mean all i do these days is browse all day long!!!!!!!!!

As per family i've said i'd be a bit more domesticated this year and relieve my mum of plenty stress. Especially since we haven't had too much luck with maids in the past 2 years! They just keep running away or stealing or something(story for another day). So now i have to cook, sweep and scrub by myself.maybe some of the fat will even go away sef?

I left out something in addition to upping my social levels, i also said i'd visit cinemas and the likes a bit more frequently too even if i have to do so... but with this fuel scarcity, i'm usually just more interested in conserving the little fuel i have by just going home straight after work!!!

God help me abi......

I wonder why resolutions are sometimes so difficult to achieve, i'm feeling discouraged and in need of motivation!!!!

There are so many things i'd like to achieve really but i just can't get round to doing any of them.

why oh why am i just like this???????????


LondonBuki said...

Every New Year, we have so many resolutions, it is hard to keep up!

As for the weight loss, I run (jog) three times a week... I don't have to spend any money so I like that :-)

Why don't you try harder with walking/running with your dog? You might end up enjoying it... If you have some time, check out my running blog HERE. And read the earlier posts, that's how I started jogging... slowly.

Good Luck, I'll be back, added you to my New Blogs List.

fluffycutething said...

Thanks for the encouragement... I feel motivated already :-)

I'd keep you posted as i progress with this fitness stuff.....

I'm surfing through ur fitness blog right now

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