My boss hates me!!!!!

That must be the ONLY reason he would assign me a task that involves preparing a document, a powerpoint presentation and printing several manuals at closing time!!!!

I'm just so so raving upset right now....

Hissing so loudly, all to no avail here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to think i've been lounging for most of the afternoon


heya... e go better my dear.. sorry
Afrobabe said…
Serves you right for lounging all week,month,year...we all know you just sit there looking beautiful and probably flirting.
fluffycutething said…
@overwhelmed- thanx sweetie....
How're u doing?

@Afrobabe- Loud hiss LOL
Don't worry it will soon happen to you too!!!! "Ndok" ;)
Zahratique said…
Aww u poor thing! that's not cool at all! Just show the boss that he didnt succeed at vexing u.
Anonymous said…
maybe ur boss wants to keep you around for after hours when everyone else has gone... wink wink
catwalq said…
me thinks, he is trying to prolong your stay at the office.
have ur pepper spray handy just incase he tries anything funny. Unless he is cute and available, then carry go. Fantasy extraordinaire.
Above all, I hope u are being paid overtime
not bad at all..just cant believe the summers done.. this babe self..when can we be expecting an update?
Ugo Daniels said…
hehehehe, sorry, pele o!
Waffarian said…
Don't mind him. How are you?

Thanks for stopping by my side, it was sincerly appreciated.

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