Thursday, 2 August 2007

You cannot force a horse to drink.....

I'm just here to rant this morning.

I've got a friend, we're pretty close.

Over the last year and a half, she's been through immense pressures and challenges in every area of her life

I have been as supportive as i could especially because i was also challenged in some of those of those areas. I looked at my situation and dusted myself, made ammends were necessary and i'm better(definetely) than i was then.

Now because, i "love" my friend, i have provided steady support via a listening ear, actions where necessary and physical presence over and above the fact that i had to neglect family and friends sometimes during this period.....

Despite the fact that she has several annoying habits that i do not like, i have tolerated her excesses all the while gently correcting and giving her tips to get out of the challenges.

Recently, i realised that half my "advice" was not being heeded to and i seemed to be pouring water into a basket. Moreso, i was "taking panadol for another person's headache" because the issues seemed to bother me much more than the person actually involved. In that i would be spurred to action and she would sit around making a mess of things.

So i withdrew, and folded my arms and was watching from the sidelines even though it really hurt to do so. But there was nothing more i could do, i was getting drained from the issues and i don't/didn't think i was really making an impact.

Now i'm even more irritated because last week she had some new issues and needs to make a "drastic decision". I took time out to detail a few pointers/options to help her make plans and decide on her next line of action and days after, all she has had to say to me is that " she wants to buy a new handset!!!!" .Then she also showed me an unreasonably priced pair of slippers that she wanted to buy but it's not her size so she has been forced to return it. This is someone who has deep money issues oh.

I'm so ticked off right now honestly

I just opened my mailbox expecting to at least get some feedback from her on the issues and alas there was none!!!!

I'm so upset,

Lesson learnt - You can only take a horse to the river we can't force it to drink!!!!

So much for trying to help your friends!!!! :(


"Olboi" said...

yes. i once had a friend that had one useless issue for like 2yrs. Advice e no gree take, move on e no gree do.

When d boy see say nobody de give am face anymore, his horse head drank the water at the river by force. your friend will wake up when she chooses to wake up. abeg enjoy ya existence!

fluffycutething said...

Na true you talk "olboi"

Me sef don resign from the matter and na siddon look i just dey look her.

Infact i had to tell her categorically that i will not enquire about the issues AGAIN and i mean it ;)

kokolette said...

hmm...i hear you o
I used to have a friend like that too
abeg, don't cry more than the bereaved jare...listen if she calls on you and give your 2 cents but don't expect her to follow it that way you won't get disappointed!
..thanks for stopping by, hope to see more of you!

fluffycutething said...

@koko- You are absolutely right my dear.

Thanx for stopping by too ;)

Caresse said...

Good words.

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