Friday, 25 April 2008

This post....

..... is dedicated

to my friend

who came all the way from "America (that's what she thinks Abuja/Benue state is actually;) " to my house in Lagos just to pound yam for my introduction(family meet and greet) which was last Saturday....

My American friend is so Amercianized she has been quite traumatised by all the traffic in Lagos, as well as dust and according to her "filth" on the streets of Lagos LOL

Anyway sweetie pie i love you so so much and you are my bestest friend in Africa;)

This is what my Americana friend looks like:

My friend is the girl in the picture ;)


Afrobabe said... are very silly...I am going to call her now...hahahahhahahaha...hope she pounded the yams well oh...

Infact not calling her sef, I no get energy for "Lagos is so dirty, its too crowded,people dont know how to behave, there is no light,there is traffic everywhere." thats all I hear when we talk so I'll skip it till she is settled in lagos...

Congrats on the intro babes...I never see the pics oh...

My friend the abujait!!! if you are reading :-)

Sting said...

Congrats on ur introduction. At least ur friend was nice enough to still pound yam after complaining of the traffic and all that.

Mojisola said...

What would we do without such people in the world? At least she's down to earth enuf to pound yam and work. Some of them will go as far as to compare the yam in "america".

Congrats, am so happy for u. What's the wedding date?

Anonymous said...

na wao,amazing how we all know sweat and dirty nails go into pounded yam but we just dont care, your american friend turning pestle like that?

NikkiSab said...

INTRODUCTION!!!!!!!!! someone no share info intime i for attend now...i no go vex, just makesure u kp me up to date ok. CONGRATS DEAR!!! Greet ya friend well u hear buy her 750 credit. heheheh

Simi Speaks said...

congrats on the intro!

when's the wedding! :-)

fluffycutething said...

Thanks peeps. will keep you posted on the details of the Main do ;)

@Nikkisab- Are you sure she won't abuse me if i buy her that recharge card??????? LOL

LG said...

ehya.... ur friend try 4 you o
(e be like say i sabi dis ur friend sef *winks*)

remember to invite us for the main-the main, lol

*how u?*

Omosewa said...

Congrats!!! Any wedding webby?:D

That was so sweet of her, i cant pound yam for

Dont mind that woman and her kids, i watched d video again, shook my head and hissed, rubbish!


hhhmmmm, iyan! Ah, you are making me miss my father's village - Ipele in Ondo state. Ipele people can eat iyan in the morning afternoon and night. God bless them. lol!

Hope the introduction was a success?

ibiluv said...

kai.....she loves u ooooooooooo

Adekunle Shobowale said...

Is your *ahem* Cough* American friend spoken for?

fluffycutething said...

@afro- U can only imagine the torture i am going through, i have been FORCED to give her my car so i can have some peace about traffic. This kain when small AC blows on her head, she keeps quiet!!!!LOL

@Sting- Right now, my hussie is demanding that i take pounding lessons from her oh!! You can just imagine

@Moji-wedding is in d next few weeks oh.. will keep you all posted


@simi- will keep you posted...How's it going on the prayer mountain front???????? LOL

@Lg- U cannot know her biko, have u been to the United states of A before? Take time oh!!! ;)

@Omosewa-Na picture dey delay that wedding websiteoh,abi can we use question mark like facebook people? ROFL

@Solomonsdyelle- so they r ur people? Na w, i cannot imagine that kind of heavy food in my tummy in d morning oh

fluffycutething said...

@Ibiluv-If only for the AGONY she puts me through she didn't have a choice but to pound that thing oh LOL

@adekunle- my prospective in-law good evening sir...
No, Americana hasn't been spoken for so you can apply. But do you have:

Visa to America and other countries

Etc Etc

Please let me know ASAP


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