Monday, 14 April 2008

Yesterday again....

.... i ran into him

It had been so so long

Almost didn't recognise him

He looked well, added some flesh to his skinny ass

I met him at some wedding

he was the best man and i fell in "love" almost immediately

Slept in his arms that night , we didn't get down or anything we just gisted till we fell asleep

The friendship continued

I went to see him in abuja, it was a fun week

Almost got ruined though

He discovered i had a boyfriend....

My plan was to leave said boyfriend for him

Some chick came to see him when i to spend the night with friends and left her skirt so i'd know she'd been there ;) LOL

Got back and he tells me about said chick but says they ain't dating because she's

..... too perfect

Anyway he moves back to Lagos and we continue seeing each other

we gisted for hours on the phone, looking back now i did most of the calling

I didn't mind really, i had abundant airtime :)

we took weekend trips out of Lagos often

Twas so much fun...

Attended his sister's wedding and someone asked if i was "the one" he quickly responds "Ah no ma, she's my aburo(little sister) "

Handwriting on the wall yeah?

Fluffy was too much in love to read meaning into all that

We came back from one of our fabulous outta town trips, he drops me off and heads off to his place

then ....

.... he calls me to ask if i know Ada who lives in London + a few other details

of course i know Ada she's my pal

It's her birthday today you know

My gosh i had forgotten my pal's birthday cause i was busy following man...

I wonder how he knows Ada but at that time i needed to call ada and wish her a happy birthday!!!

Ada arrives Naija a few days later

We're gisting and convo moves to her cousin Chinwe's boyfriend....

He's so this, he's so that... he works here and drives this car and lives here

Come oh, he fits into description of my lover boy!!!

Days later my pal deciphers that I and her cousin are shagging same boy...

Cousin i guess feels she's the real deal and keeps sending me messages like

"oh he says you're just his friends sister" "oh he says you guys ain't dating" "oh he says I'm going to be the mother of his child" etc etc

i decide to take a step back and just observe ....

Boy, of course is at this point out of reach....

when i've had enough of all the crap

I pay boy a visit and he says to me(summary)

"well there was no definition to our thing and bla bla bla..."

In shock i went back home and cried till i could cry no more

At some point in the midst of all this drama i discover some "i love you" type cards in his room and receive an ephiphany...


There's some third chick in the picture as well ...

Anyway Didn't see or hear from him for aeons after

Many months later he called to offer me a puppy, i was going to accept it but the doggie fell sick

so end of discussion....

He starts to call me and somehow we revisit the past, he's kinda sorry for what happened.

didn't mean to hurt me but he found himself in the triangle and decided to cut us all off so we could sort ourselves out!!!!

This kain na we the three chicks cause all the triangular mess


You can now imagine my shock when yesterday after we exchange pleasantries

He says "oh come and say hello to my iyawo"

and we walk to car and see KESI

The third chick in the triangle.....

Life and the shit it just dishes your way sometimes.....


Afrobabe said...

kai...abeg gist me better...I need to have names here oh..this Ada no cut am...

NikkiSab said...

Wow!!!! He showed u d 3rd end of d triangle? Gal stay farrrrr farrrr away from dat guy he is baddd news. Cut off from cos u need a new slate.

Mojisola said...

That's men for you. Some of them are just plain ah's

Pen Drive said...

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Ms. emmotions said...

glad u are over it now,
the hand writing was on the wall right from the very begining but then we all make mistakes to learn u naw,


Waffarian said...

Be happy he is out of your life jare! All these agbaye men are not wasting tears over!hisssssssssssssssssssss.

How you dey? Long time!

fluffycutething said...

@Afro- sis u already know this gist now.... try and jog that your memory well ;)

@Nikki- i couldn't even believe he was still speaking to her talk less of being married to her.He portrayed her to me like she was forcing herself on him!!!

@Mojisola- Need you say more!!!

fluffycutething said...

@Pen drive- thanx for stopping by. will stop by yours shortly ;)

@ms. emmotions- you know as "love" dey do person now!!! Head no go just correct sha!!! LOL

@Waffy- Happy abi happiness sef LOL i pined at first i must be honest but realised soon there were many more fishes in the sea of men biko ;0

NaijaBabe said...

b abe runnnnnnnnnnnn

Adekunle Shobowale said...

You still love the dude don't you?

fluffycutething said...

@Naijababe- I don run tey tey oh

@Adekunle- Still love ke??????????? Loud hiss

Biko take time oh

doll said...

pretty deep

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