Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Are you clean???????

How often do you:

  • take a shower - once a day, sometimes two!!!

  • brush your teeth - Once a day, except when my mouth feels stinky at night

  • floss - never

  • wash your toilet - Once a week

  • wash your tub/shower - same as above

  • dust your furniture - when i pass by it and it looks dusty :D

  • Windex the windows - never

  • let your dirty dishes sit in the sink/on the counter for more than 1 day? - 36 hours is usually my limit LOL

  • Use a washer or hand wash your dishes? we don't have option of "washer" in Naija oh so it's always my hands

  • wear the same jeans over and over? hmmmmm quite often, so that it doesn't fade from constant washing LMAO

  • wear the same bra over and over? i usually try to change them after two days!!!

  • wash your car? only when my pants start getting dirty from dragging dust on the floor of the motor and when i can't open the door because dust has caked on the handles and i can't bear to touch it i.e when even I cannot bear the filth anymore!!!

  • clean the interior of the car? when i looks like a dustbin/garage

  • cut your toenails? at my monthly pedicures

  • wash your bed linen? weekly or bi-weekly(depends on how lazy i am that period)

  • use wet toilet paper (they make those now) instead of dry toilet paper? i use baby wipes now

  • vacuum? as often as necessary, this could be once weekly or once in two weeks

  • wash your fridge? It's still new so i haven't had to give it a wash per se, i only wipe spills and stains for now :)

change sponges/dishrags? when they've chopped i change them!!!

  • put your laundry away after washing them? the laundry usually sits in the basket for a few days before i put them away

  • take your garbage outdoors? daily or at most every two days

Do you:

dump trash out your car? nope. I'm an advocate for "Let's do it right". I'd rather have the trash in my car.

leave leaves or seeds lying around on your coffee table? i'm sorry i don't have a coffee table(thankfully LOL)

collect junk mail unintentionally? well..... i am a pack rat

have bills everywhere but in one spot? uhun

have stains on your carpet? my carpets are new so thankfully no stains, but my former carpet.....
have dirty handprint marks near your doorknobs or doorways? Nope

toothpaste gels in your sink? never

toothpaste/water splash marks on your mirror above your sink? Nah

have a mop? 2 sef

How do you disinfect?



Dettol(for the Naija people LOL)- Plenty plenty

Ammonia Bleach

other - i use hand sanitizer quite often does that count?

all of the above?

i don't

Ok, Afro i tag you and the first person that comments on this post!!!!!!!!!!!


Afrobabe said...

change ur bra 2 days kuh...abi more like when u think the smell will hamper (hope the spelling is correct oh) love making...

your car looking like dustbin...I totally agree!!!

Afrobabe said...

kai, if I had waited till the end I wouldn't have dropped that first comment oh..I would have pretended not to see this post....ever!!!

fluffycutething said...

Be there running your mouth like tap... go and do your own let's have all your DIRTY LINEN in public Ndok LOL

fluffycutething said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ShonaVixen said...

i just wanted to see who was the first person...Afro!!LOL...and u changed pics again??Hmm this one is sexified o but then again its you!! Ok lemme go read the post now

fluffycutething said...

@Shonavixen- Now that you have seen the first person please go and do the tag....

No story!!!!!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

why oh why can I never be first!!!!

are you clean????????

.......as in now?????

question for the women in here

have you ever at any one point put your knickers in the laundry basket?

if the answer is yes, please ignore the question Fluffy asked coz it becomes irrelevant.lol

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

ps: cant say much about my 'other' hygiene but i've definitely got my 'sexual' hygiene down to a T. Thy is always waxed buffed and scrubbed down under and up above, teeth flossed, bra and knickers sexy and matching, in case of emergencies......as for the 'other' hygiene needs, God made house helps and gate men and children lol

doll said...

LMAO @Afro serves u rite. LOL

Well am guilty about the overcyling jeans stuff and i also dont thro thrash out of the car. nice meme

Mz. Dee said...

ure actually a rily clean person o.. babywipez?? why didnt i thnk of that!!

uve jst made me more hygenic.. not to say i wasnt b4! hehe.

fluffycutething said...

@Miss Def- i put my knickers on the cover of the basket and not inside!! Does that count?

I also like your approach jare, especially for the "other" hygiene!! Pray you never live in the abroad sha, because they don't have such luxuries there oh LOL

@Doll- you really mean those are your ONLY two flaws? Babe you try oh!!

@Mz Dee- Thanks for the "compliment" jare... That nonsense Afro will not come and see/hear this one now...

NikkiSab said...

Baby wipes? Hmm.... i will try to adopt it. How r u gal and baby? Just checking up on u.

fluffycutething said...

@Nikkisab- thanks for checking on me jare... we're doing good.we even managed to wear a nice dress today :D

You should try the baby wipes quite worth the extra bucks i tell you ;)

ibiluv said...

2days bra.....hmmmmmmmm

fluffycutething said...

@Ibi- u change yours every ... days????????? ;)

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