Really running out of titles for this thing....

So i arrived work bright and early today

Well not actually early, but early considering that i was first to arrive on my floor

...... note that this was at about 8am and we resume work at 8.30am

But then can i blame them, half if not all of my colleagues were stuck in traffic.

I left home with my coat wearing driver at 6am.

The bugger came later than i told him too with his silly pair of glasses that he has taken to wearing these days- morning, afternoon and night.

At least he spared me the trauma of seeing that coat again today.

Two Danfo drivers helped me abuse him and the glasses this morning...

I was very happy!!!! LOL

I've been very energetic today...

So much hyperness in me today

Guess i'm just thankful not to be chained to a bed like i was last week.

Drugs and jabs just ain't my thing. I was popping like 10 tabs or more daily. Maybe it was better than having my poor wrists mutilated by those drips they give people.

A friend of mine wonders why the liquid can't be poured into a cup and served to patients at intervals. Abi???????

Some individual made the headline over the weekend and this morning sef. He actually dashed a "Sorcerer" N510million to do some juju for him. what an absolutely stupid thing to do.....

I didn't even realise juju business was so lucrative around here!!!! LOL

Got some baby stuff yesterday.... I was quite excited and barely slept all night dreaming about them, infact i also made a startling discovery about how people bath their children these days....

I will unfold this new wonder in the land of oyinbo people tomorrow(i pray) LOL

Be back soon i've gabbed enough for one morning!!


Afrobabe said…
You are very silly…see me saving you insults from your inlaws on ur inability to hold and bath baby and u r laughing at me…ndok..
I tot it was really cute..lmao..could imagine our baby on it trying to wiggle out and we laughing….goat..
Glad to see you back up love…drip goes into ur blood to replace lost liquid and as my doc said to dilute yama yama that has entered the blood…
Enter Miss DM screaming on cue
Im second, Im second.... (*pause* to do saumersaults and catwalks across the page)
Im second Im second.....
(more saumrsaults)
I'm second I'm second....
(*pause* to slap myself coz I need to get a grip, im only second for crying out loud.) hospitals and drips are nobody's one wakes up in the morning ad thinks yeah I'll go to town, catch up with an old friend, have some lunch and on my wake back home jus to spice up my life I'll pop by the hospital and get myself a drip.......
archiwiz said…
LOL...So your driver telepathically got the hint about his coat abi? Maybe he'll get another one about his glasses.

LOL...And you've noticed that people bath their babies in the sink right? The wonders of oyibo land...:)
fluffycutething said…
@Afro- i pray you will not make me the subject of village gossip by this singular act of yours oh LOL This kain " where has their son seen this American wife that cannot use plastic "baff" to wash her child LMAO
It is cute though and already my friend who isn't even pregnant has already said she too must buy. so i'm now a trai blazer u see ;0
meanwhile i didn't know doctor/ nurse was part of your profession oh LOL
fluffycutething said…
@Miss DM- couldn't stop laughing at your analogy of hospitals i tell you. You must be very mischievous!!!

Infact for being second your prize is "2 drips" on each hand :D

@Archiwiz- actually i'm assuming he's sent the coat for dry cleaning oh LOL if he doesn't wear by next week, then i'll know i'm free for good. As for those glasses, you're gonna need to join me in a prayer of agreement LOL

Meanwhile if it's to bath pikin inside sink i don't think my shock will be so much, after all me sef get sink for house. Please just read my next post biko
Buttercup said…
i actually prefer injections to drugs..

good that u r feelin better now

N510m???? thats just plain ridiculous..
i love d way u write, girl

very fun, very easy 2 read
fluffycutething said…
@buttercup- it's worse than ridiculous i tell you!!!

For me both drugs and jabs ain't an option, it's the same ten and ten pence i tell you :)

@Free flowing - thanks for stopping by
Mz. Dee said…
lol @ ur driver!!

does he think he's a bodyguard now or sumn? lol
lol @your driver, reminds me of this house help we once had, ma got her from the village.....girrrl you just have no idea!!! She had these big black plastic sunglasses she used to wear everywhere, that coupled with her leather skirt with matching belly out top what an abomination, messing up our game and all with the dudes coz my ma made us call her big sister and she always made us go with her to functions and parties(so she cld keep an eye) so dudes thought she was a relative ewwwww,she was a boyfriend repellant jelly that one. sorry to say we got her fired (false allegation of theft)otherwise we were in danger of being 40 and still single....

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