Tuesday, 7 October 2008

What a day!!!

It started off pretty normal

I woke up at 5am and was at my desk my 5.50am thereabouts. I dressed up at some point in between the times :D

I listened to a message CD at my desk till i fell asleep on my chair and almost broke my neck. Woke up(again) startled.... Thank God i wasn't drooling, only the cleaner was around ;)

The day was slow, it really really dragged....

Got some shocking news my oga patapata had resigned.... Rumors have it that he was actually forced to resign. No one's job is safe apparently.

Like another 10 of my colleagues had resigned both within my unit and outside...

Kai na wa oh and your truly is stuck here till after maternity leave!!!!!!!!

God will help me in this my search for job sha.

Meanwhile i discovered yesterday that the handset i just bought from a colleague's husband is so so over priced .

As in i bought at N34,000 and street value is N20,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kai i feel so bad.

I called him and told him my husband has bought me one without realising i had got myself one oh

Can i return etc!!

He's not forthcoming but i no wan quarrel because me and im wife are kinda friendly.

Feel bad at being cheated by people i'm supposedly close to

I mean i dropped his wife and child at home(which was very out of my way oh) for almost a year when she didn't have a car or another means of getting home!!!!!

People just have no conscience sha...

How can he be so mean to me??????

Anyway make we dey look dey go!!!


LG said...


*sigh* Nne' nawawa o'
which kind thieffry be dis????
'eba mi kigbe ole o' :-)
no worry ur ursef too mush, let his conscience judge him


archiwiz said...

Ah...be careful with your sleeping tendencies ohh...

If that is your wish about the job... AMEN!

Its not fair for people to try to use their friends and make profit. I've been trying to write a post about friendship that pretty mich only benefits one side and the whole thing just tire me. Meanwillie... Stick to your story and make him accept the return. N14000 go fit buy at least basin of garri now, or half bag of rice, so no be small thing.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

its a sad fact but we are more likely to be cheated by someone we know rather than strangers,at least you were deplomatic about getting your money back, me i would have barged in his house shambock in hand spoiling for a fight and demanding in no u18 language to have m money back lol

Sting said...

Dude is a crook! I hope u get ur money back.

doll said...

because everyone is leaving doesn't mean u should o!

What ur friend's husband di is unfair and if it were me i'l tell him ho ha

miz-cynic said...

Pele.do.finish ur mat n ja asap.m.d resign n plnty oda peeps.smtn must b wrong

Afronuts said...

Drat! The feel of being cheated; it makes u feel like u made some kinda dumb move whe u shud have been patient...

Ive been in such tight shit b4

fluffycutething said...

@LG-Babe it's more than his conscience that will judge him oh!!! I acted based on trust and i'm still quite surprised at the whole meme sha

@Archiwiz- No worry when you sef get belle ;)i will see how u will control these sleeping tendencies ROFL
Infact that 14000 buy a WHOLE bag of rice,plus d oil+ pepper for a month i tell you!!!

@Miss Def- You're quite right but i honestly thought that was more likely to happen with your "friend/customer" the meat seller in your neighbourhood market. I'm learning a lot of 'wisdom' these days hence my behaviour!!!

fluffycutething said...

@Sting- In as much as i really want that money back i'm also prepeared for the eventual loss!!!
wetin i wan do besides quarrel big quarrel to which end he may still not give me the money!!!

@Doll- i don over stay for this place. I'm beginning or rather have fallen into a severe career rut!!!

@Mz-Cynic- I couldn't agree more sweetie!!!

@Afronuts-You couldn't have put it more aptly!!!!

Waffarian said...

I am lost...maternity leave, baby...what is happening here? what is going on? have i been gone from this blog for 9 months? Okay, this calls for some serious investigation...I'll be back. I need to read from 9 months ago it seems...

NikkiSab said...

Human beings are d most mysterious pple u can find. Just forget it n now u know how to trust him. How is baby?

fluffycutething said...

@Waffarian- U never read finish?????? LOL

@Nikki- Truly people are mysterious!!!!!!Baby's fine, just waiting to be evicted ;)

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