Thursday, 16 October 2008

BRT and other matters!!!!

So baby didn't move the whole of Monday evening and the better part of Tuesday, in panic i rushed to the hospital...

Arrived there and the "bugger" made a small move :D

Still decided to see doctor anyway and he ran some test where i was strapped with some bands and some machine was reading and printing the " ogbeni"(individual's) heart beat. I dozed off almost immediately i was "tied up"

It was when the nurse came at the end of the session that i woke up meanwhile i was supposed to have been pressing some .... thing whenever the baby moved oh. But alas yours truly was fast asleep!!! LOL

Anyway pikin is fine and happily(i hope) awaiting his eviction.

Even me sef don tire, i no see cloth wear again. i'm wearing such a large T-shirt today i feel like a sack

Got my first BRT ride that day as well.

Went to eat rice at Ghana high and instead of entering taxi to my house i decided to sample the famous BRT buses!!!

Twasn't bad at all, i got the last window seat after queueing and queueing(they didn't even have the sense to do priority for me and my belle.... loud hiss)

Baby squirmed a bit during the ride, guess he prefers to be transported in a nice ACed motor, preferably with driver driving him and his mama LOL

The bus was rather clean and i was quite impressed at the fact that Lagosians were actually not littering. Infact the lady next to me was eating groundnuts and placing the shells in a bag.

I thought i was some place else!!! i mean she wasn't tossing the shells on the floor!!!!

She however decided to bring me back to reality just before i even finished thinking all this!!!!!!

She tossed the bag of empty shells right on the floor LOL

In all it was a pleasure ride, i thought the driver drove a bit too fast though.

But in all i must commend the government of "His Excellency BRF" that just sounds so silly doesn't it!!!!!!!

It's quite a job well done

His Excellency....



lol! at least she threw the bag on the floor and not the individual shells. There is always cause to thank God when it comes to Nigeria, shebi?

Hope all is well. Haven't been here in a while and I still claimed first!

doll said...

LMAO @ feeling like a sack. You dint go to the front they would have let u in pregnant women are not allowed to queue for BRT
LMAO@ she threw the whole sack of groundnut on the floor

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

thank God miniyou is doing jus fine
hopefully it wont be too long now before you meet face to face.
LMAO about the groundnuts being thrown on te floor

fluffycutething said...

@Solomonsydelle-LOL always something to be thankful for truly. I'm cool jare, just a "bit" fatter now ;)

@Doll- Hmmm the way those people looked i doubt if they'd have shown any compassion for me and my belle oh

@Miss Def-Yes oh we've just got about 21 days to meet each other ;)

naijalines said...

Reading your post makes me miss naija...the good bits. *sigh*

All the best as the day you get to the day that you see baby's face for the first time.

LG said...

lollllllll@..pikin is fine and happily(i hope) awaiting his eviction
'babes take ya time o'
It is well sha' :-)
n yep 'bros. fash' dey try 'except for d long queue n sum rough BRT drivers,
as per d groundnut-babe' she nor see 'do not litter' sign 4 d bus?? :-)

take kia now'

Lost at The End said...

Nice. Been hearing conflicting views about the BRT thing. On the whole I think it's working. Refreshing news. Lagbaja would say, one day, Naija go sweet again!

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