Monday, 29 December 2008


What a very unmerry Christmas I had
My smallie was ill, he cried the whole night before Christmas day and the whole day too. I dismissed it as colic which they say has no “cure”. Till a friend insisted I take him to hospital. Apparently it was malaria!!! And a high percentage too. Thank God I took him oh, woulda killed myself if anything had happened to him due to my negligence. I had allowed my decisions be influenced by everyone including myself that gripe water plus hot massage of his tummy would heal the colic.
He’s much better now at least not crying uncontrollably anymore.
He also drank his medicine like a good boy this morning. At first he threw it up, then I told him to keep that up and I will be forced to keep giving him over and over till he co-operates lol he gulped it like it was yoghurt.
Meanwhile the Crisis(creases) has forced us to return to exclusive breast feeding. He just refused to have any SMA gold in his mouth lol silly boy doesn’t know I resume work in another month and that SMA will so be guzzled down by him :D
Anyway I’ll see about resuming the formula by tomorrow. I’m trying to be a loving mum and indulging his “excesses” LOL
I was forced to bring out my boobies in public by the way…
At a party for that matter but we covered it with some flannel…
Never say never people


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Glad that the lil one is feeling much better
all the more reason for you to be having a merry festive season
good health is by far the best present of them all

Afrobabe said...

Glad my almost Godson is doing fine...(still haven't forgiven you for that btw)..

Your brought ur boobs out in public...OMG..

BTW if you have anything nasty to reply me, remember I HAVE A PIC OF YOUR BOOBS first!!!!

celestocalculus said...

U just gotta feed ur baby from ur boobie unless u want him 2 be a dull chap.

Mojisola said...

Ayah pele, I feel you on the sickness thing. When my little one was sick, I began making secret plans to send him home to my mother and get him back when he starts talking. . .am still thinking about it sha,

Glad to know Abayomi is doing fine, its all part of the joys of motherhood (not the sickness but the nursing to health part).

rayo said...

thnk God u took him to the hospital in time. lol @ thte breastfeeding, let the smallie enjoy himself joh


awww, thank God you took him to the hospital!

As for popping out boobies, my sista, have no shame. If I list the places I have been forced to breastfeed my children, eh? You go laugh tyah!

Happy New Year!

'Yar Mama said...

Happy New Year.


happy new yam o!

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