These parenting matters

Things have definetely taken a different shape from when our parents were nursing you know

Just the other day my friend and I were wondering who will bathe our grandchildren considering that we barely know how to bathe our own infants right now LOL

i was forced to start bathing Ayobami when he was like 2 weeks old and i'm sure he was unclean for like 2 days till i got the hang of it and even remembered i had one oyinbo contraption called a baby bather to make things easier!!!!

The advent of baby bathers has just made it worse... i imagine myself telling my daughter in law where to buy the things and reading the manuals to them LOL

As against my dear mum and mum-in-law who are around to religously wash their grandchildren and do it with such skill, plus massage and all!!!!

Then there's this singing to babies meme

I just don't see myself getting the hang of it

My mum has formed all sorts of songs in the past month but my head just goes blank when i try it and instead i blow fone to my son and tell him "Mummy's here" when he's crying.. :D

Even his father has some village songs to sing to him when he's yelling LOL

As for public breast feeding that's such a huge no no

Even though a number of my hussie's friends have "caught" me bra down, feeding and i just thought scuttling off with boobs hanging out would make the situation more dastardly so i sat my butt there quietly LOL

Of course those are the times Ayobami would clutch to me like he hasn't eaten for 2 days and refuse to end his meal :)

Kai thank God for breast pump oh because i just no fit comot that thing for church or party biko

Na wa, God help me be a good mama sha!!!


Padosh said…
lol awww u sound so cute with ur son.!!!Makes me want to procreate quick quick.
Anonymous said…
is your friend afrobabe ok??? please let us know...
fluffycutething said…
@Padosh- pls hurry and join the club biko :D

@Anon-Afro's fine thanx for asking, she's on a vacation wit no access to the net!!
"Kai thank God for breast pump oh because i just no fit comot that thing for church or party biko"


Reminded of me of the good old breast feeding days when my kids literally hung on to a boobie for dear life. lawl!

You're a great mom!
Emeka Amakeze said…
Abeg make the kids hang on booby for a while cos they have a right to them o. Stop saving them for your hubby.
LG said…
lolllll@ ..breast pump' babes abeg wat xactly' do they do??? *wide grin*
ShonaVixen said…
Awww thats so cute!!Yummy mummy...and love to Afro
doll said…
I have always wondered if and hw I’l be able to breast feed in public…but I knw some lullabies sha. Don’t wori am sure u will be a great mom
fantasy queen said…
i totally get you, when my nieces were barely out of the womb and mom would give them a bath i would freak sister got a hang of it, but i wonder if i'll ever get it.
maybe i will, as i used to go ewwww with talks of sulking out a babies nose when they've got a cold, i became an expert at it when my nieces got to that sucking out

i guess one day when you're in church and your little bundle starts to yell you'll just blank out every other person and wipe the thing out:)
~Sirius~ said…
Amen! You have begun no turning now. And Thank God for breast pump really.
I think it's just gross to flash boobs outside the house....THis motherhood thing na wa o...

Hmmm, I thought you all said when one gives birth all the natural things that to flow....Abeg you people should tell me the truth now oh! befor I put my hand in the one I can not carry....
motherhood seems to just flow so naturally
Its a God given gift
as for the breastfeeding at least now you have a legitimate reason to flaunt your boobs in public
MissLove said…
omg this blog makes me AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I CANT STOP AWWING! gosh! but the whole hussie's friend is deep oh! hmm..
CaramelD said…
I come from a large family so I'm a baby pro but it is scary and not the same as when you have your own! You're doing good! PS The whole breast feeding in public I have seen ladies lightly drape a shawl over the shoulder. Hmmmm?
LG said…
mummy yomi' kilon shele??
hope all is well o
Mojisola said…
Had no one around to bath my baby for me; just cleaned him with wipes because my acting grandma ( fifty year old mum of two) was terrified we'd hurt the kid.

Abandoned the pump ages ago, maybe I didn't know how to use it; but it just wasnt working for me.

Your baby sitting up yet? I think I slacked on that too; we are almost five months and just started sitting him up religiously last week.

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