Random wonderings

Thought of something i really wanted to blog about today

Alas i've forgotten what it is LOL

However i was wondering why folks (around here especially)start sentences with "sorry oh" do you bla bla bla or "sorry oh" please can you bla bla bla

Must be the same reason people ask you to "dress" when they want you to scooch(move) over.

I just wonder sha

I'm missing my son, been gazing at his pictures all day...

we haven't been spending so much time together his grandma is around so i try to share him and not cling to him too much when i'm home.**Can't wait for their visit to be over*** so we can resume our love ;)...

Heard the boy whining in his sleep last night, he must've been hungry and of course i was FAST ASLEEP

Managed to feed him with my eyes and his of course still closed...

Must every mum with an infant ALWAYS be sleep deprived??????????

It's been quite a week(already abi)

I'm ... deprived as well.

i feel like i'm malfunctioning....

Kai what the heck have i just typed LOL


fantasy queen said…
sorry oh, just want to be sure u're not complaining that granmas around to take a little stress off you.

lol' we're nigerians and we have a unique way with words.
Anonymous said…
We r trully unique in naija.

i like ur profile pic. pls can u advise where u got d ring. m gettin married in oct n we cant seem to find a ring we like.
Fluffycutething said…
FQ- Not complaining oh just that with inlaws YOU still get to do ALL the work and serving etc etc but i really don't mind them around sha. They're a peaceful and mostly amusing lot!!!!

Hope this does not mean you also "AKS" people to 'dress'????????;)

Anon-The rings came from Dubai. Have u checked Deinte at silverbird? though i suspect they may be pricey sha.Your best bet is to find someone reliable going to Dubai/UK-(H&Samuel, Argos etc) you can then give them pictures of things u'd like etc

I hear they've got nice rings at "gutter" in idumota market too.

In Abj the designs may not be too exciting but you can check that out too!!

Hope that helps sha...
doll said…
aw....sorry sleep deprived mama...
RocNaija said…
Sleep deprivation comes as standard..

Pele.. ndo..
princesa said…
The dilemma of a new mom.
You want to give the baby all ur time yet you want to rest too,
welldone, e no easy!
SHE said…
I'd've suggested the trick of sleeping anytime baby sleeps. But that wont work since you work most of the day.

LOL at our Nigerian expressions. Perhaps its because people are so aggressive. So you try to appease them upfront....
Afrobabe said…
You are deprived? Lmao…babe, take it easy oh..I don’t remember you being this horny…hmmmm or maybe I do!!!

So how will you cope when I come to get him for a month???His aunty from “the abroad”!
Original Mgbeke said…
LOL @ 'dress'. Gotta love our peeps.
Vera Ezimora said…
Fluffy, ehm... sorry oh, but what kind of deprivation are we talking about here? I know you're sleep deprived, but what else???? LOL @ dressing. 9ice said that too when he came to Yankee 4 his concert. Thot it was funny & cute
Woomie O! said…
Now that you've mentioned it, i know i'm guilty of the 'sorry o' syndrome! he he he. But that's just in razzz situations like asking a passer-by for directions...they always expect you to apologise for bothering them with the mere sound of your voice.
Your son is cute, don't cut his hair!...yet.
babajidesalu said…
Never mind, sometimes it comes like that and congrats on your little one.

just an idea, it would be interesting (well I think), if you could tell the world what it feels like to have a baby and some of the emotions that tag along. Just a thought really ...lol

taKia and God bless
pink-satin said…
awwww!dont worry enough cuddle time once the in laws leave
Fluffycutething said…
Doll,RocNaija,Princessa- And believe me it doesn't get any easier all this sleep deprivation arggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

SHE- Funny i feel the moment you say things like "sorry oh" the person then feels OBLIGED to do "guy" for you.

Afro-Babes i don die for this starvation matters oh!!!
when exactly are you coming for your boy?? I have packed a standby suitcase already oh

Original Mgbeke- Oh welllllll we gotta love 'em LOL

Vera-When you grow up a bit more i'll explain that other type of deprivation to you LOL You mean 9ice said "Dressing" in abroad???? kai Na wa oh

Woomie O- Packed the hair this weekend when i couldn't fathom how else to keep it neat. we're saving the hair to take pictures at our 1st birthday party!!!

Babajide- Nice idea will explore itsoonest... thanks for stopping by

Pinksatin- i "cuddled" him in the real sense of the word for the next five days oh, we were in hospital and had to share a 1*1 sized bed(those student mattress things) LMAO

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