Wednesday, 8 April 2009

What is your occupation??????

I know when we were small the answer to this question was really simple




For some people it was even




LOL etc etc

But you see these days when i'm filling a form and i have to fill in occupation i just quietly write "Telecomms" but really really that is not an occupation now.


So you now what is your occupation???????


RocNaija said...

I guess the working place has evolved now to the point where people just don't bear orthodox jobs anymore..

LusciousRon said...

Occupation the world over has evolved so a lawyer 20 yrs ago might call himself a Legal Adviser or Company Secretary in the world of today.

QMoney said...

ahan,telecoms is d *prefix* oh,there has to be d real thing.e.g telecoms acct or lawyer or engineer
I am a writer!!!lol
who dash?

Rita said...

I was filling a form and trying to put my job title.By the time it reached 2 lines, i realized I was describing my job and i did not know the "occupation" Occupation is no longer simple...

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of an uncle saying to someone who said they were studying marketing... "so are going to become a marketerist?"
so in that vein, you are a telecommunicationist. :)

fluffycutething said...

RocNaija- Some of these 21st century issues abi?

LusciousRon- So no do i expect my son to say he wants to be a "company secretary" when he grows up???? LOL

Qmoney- then i must be a Quality telecomms abi is it telecomms quality now??????? ;)

Rita- I feel you!!!

Kmplx- Telecommunicationist indeed LMAO

Afrobabe said...

RISK ANALYST....dammmmm I love the sound of

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, but wetin you dey do at Telecomms...abi Telecomms na occupation? Sorry I no sabi for real.

Mojisola said...

Evolution aside, depends on the impression nyou are trying to give...

Custoer service per resume,

Telecoms for the others who would not understand.

And for my main people, I am a bloody call center agent.

My old job was more interesting I was anything from a business process analyst/consultant to an office assistant. One job but so many titles.

doll said...

consultant/ accountant

SHE said...

Your occupation cannot be telecomms o! you better find a part of telecomms to belong to. Either consultant or Engineer or even specialist, whatever that may be.

In these days of so many job descriptions it really is difficult to call yourself something.
The easiest thing that comes to mind is specialist, with an appropriate prefix. eg, hair specialit (hairdresser), communications specialist (Call center operator?) LOL!!!


mommy/writer/agent agbepo....

Argh, I can't answer this question!

Anonymous said...


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