Monday, 4 April 2011

Cocktail of gists....

This my one month one post system sef na wa ….
Today’s post is a cocktail of all sorts of gist….
Another habit Nigerians have which amuses me (not annoy this time) is when you say hello to people and they respond “fine”. LOL My assumption for this behavourial pattern is because the people probably expect to be asked “how’re you” and have already programmed their brains to respond accordingly…

Anyway whatever…

I’m still liking this Ibiluv’s blogging style. I’ll just keep copying ;) the worst she can call me is “copy catter” LOL

Memories anyone?

Had a tooth extraction few days back…. Still in pain and I’ve got a swollen face to show for my agonies… people seem to be staring at me a lot more now…. I imagine, they imagine I got beat up by my spouse…
For some days and even weeks now I’ve been trying to fathom what informs street traders on their choice of wares…. Even more strange to me is how these items are usually sold for a “season” and it seems by ALL street traders. Some items make sense(sort of) some I really rack my brain and wonder if they get any patronage at all. The seemingly sensible goods sold in traffic include:
The various variants of gala(packaged sausage rolls) i.e gala, beefie, meaty,rovers etc

Tissue for the car
Plantain chips
Fan ice/ Yoghurt
Chewing gum/sweets
Cuff links/silk knots
Fruit salad/pop corn
Men’s ties
Designer sunglasses
The odd/amusing ones include :

Rat glue/poison
Weighing scales
Coffee tables
Cutlery /knife sets

Plastic files/Folders
Swimming gear for kids
ID card tags/card holders
Male underwear/shorts

I wonder what they’ll have in the coming days/weeks….

I went to one chassis office today. I was quite awed… you see I worked in a multi national for many years and after my ‘job loss” in 2009 I had to somewhat stoop to take this manager work in a less than multinational company…. Better than sitting at home doing nothing I guess but I miss the days of “AC in the loo, properly set up work stations, fone speaking colleagues” etc etc
***sighs**** God dey!!!!!
The boys are fine. T-lash has 4 teeth now and my walls are gradually being filled with graffiti thanks to Ayobami. He can now “write” you see and always feels a need to prove this ON MY WALLS lol…. We also read/count numbers of license plates on all cars we see …..
What a brilliant boy I mean how many of you can identify nos 1-9!!!!!!!!!!

I have been typing this post for a few days and now that I’m ready to post it I can’t think of a suitable ending….


SHE said...

Did you put this post up thrice? or is it my eyes? If you put it up thrice, am I expected to comment thrice?

What was I even going to say?

Oh yes! you say hi, and someone says "I'm fine". Sometimes I wonder whether they didn't hear well. I think it might be for the reason you stated too.

And yes, when I see garden shears on sale in traffic, I cringe! Why would anyone want to sell such odd stuff in traffic?!

Myne Whitman said...

Funny post, the part about your boys is so cute. As for the traffic market, I think when someone asks for one thing, they order it en masse and have to sell it off, lol...

tboz said...

Glad to hear your boys are doing their papa proud :-)

I long ago stopped trying to make sense of Nigerian 'english' and the way we speak/use it. I just try and stay within the confines of grammar as pounded into me in nursery/pri/sec school. The majority of people you meet these days dont have the foggiest idea of use of tenses, puntuation or sentence structure.

Look at the street market this way. whatever anyone brings a few containers of into the country will always appear on the streets, no matter how odd it looks. They sell it off to the street guys cheap so they recoup funds without incurring shop/marketing/display costs.

The other way to look at it is that most of you riding cars on the streets are new age, super-busy, yuppies with no time to get into the market... so the market comes to you. besides when you go to the shoprites of the world, a lot of people actually remember the need for the cutlass (for the gateman), shears (for gardner, hose-reel (for sat car washes), rodent poison/glue cos u got area boy rats eating ur boy's coco-pops, etc...

The bottom line is, supply and demand always find a meeting point. My only issue with them is the litter they leave on the streets and the way they endanger themselves and others in a bid to sell. And of course as a cover for traffic robbery.

dont worry abt the chassis office, urs is around the corner

LG said...

lol@fine, i tink i say dat too :)
plix can i c ayobami in his sch uniform???? *bats lashes* plssssss

Ibhade said...

lol...i like your copy-style.

e pele about your tooth extraction.

ain't kids just wonderful? :)

P.E.T. Projects said...

I was wondering about this traffic sales a while back too... i mean, i once saw vegetables being hawked at Maryland busstop on ikorodu road.

Add that to the potatoes, onions at Jibowu and Peppe tera (grounded pepper in tetra packs) on sale on 3rd mainland.... food is ready... all on Lagos roads!

BTW sorry about the tooth extraction oh, maybe u'll leave the chocolates alone for a while *sticks out tongue

As for Ayobami, just let him express himself jare. ((Hugs)) for T-lash.

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