May Post!!!

Ok so here's the post for May :D

it is important that i at least meet up my one month one post!!!!!

I had actually tried to post several times in april but chasing two small boys and their father aint easy i must admit....

So here's a shout to my dear co-blogger "DOLL" congrats on your engagement( i'd have put this on your blog but i didn't want my greeting to get lost in the plenty comments ;) Wish you the very best babes.... Feel free to ask for tips and advice anytime too!!!

Here's the post now....

I was wondering the other day and i infact i'm still wondering why in this part of the world we call soft drinks "minerals" or actually "minerasssss"

answers anyone?

These are my random pics from my random wakas around Lagos....

This is apparently the new face of RRS in Lagos.... frankly i think they look like ants

My Darling MIL bought me this pot , it has my name on it :D

Saw this one in a Nigerian movie and i couldnt just help leaving my mouth agape.... read and re-read the last line!!!

Yep the VICTIM of this act will pay N500 LOL


Hilarious. I am not sure they thought through that RRS uniform. It is so hot in Nigeria that anyone dressed like that will definitely suffer some form of heat related illness.

I am interested in finding out the answer to the minerals question!
Myne Whitman said…
The RRS look like goons from a futuristic movie, lol.

Who is the producer of that movie, an illiterate? No editor? Chai!

May you have many joyful occassions to use that new massive pot, Amen,

Victim indeed, LOL...
doll said…
aw...thanx darling....

RRS for real??????

Kiss my boys for me
P.E.T. Projects said…
I've seen those RRS boys and I actually think the contractor was watching biker mice (cartoon)

LOL movie makers must quit this subtitle biz, is it by force???

Non alcoholic drinks are actually known as fizzy drinks or mineral water, however its simply mineral in Nigeria (short form i guess)

Your MIL is preparing u for the many celebrations to come *wink

Victim??? SMH, grammar na by force?
SHE said…
I can't stop laughing! "He's so rest in peace"?! I'm surprised they didn't spell it as "piss". Hehehehe!

You must quickly born another pikin o! so that we can use that big pot with your name on it.

Saw the RRS yesterday for the first time. My companion was so impressed, he started thinking of joining the RRS!
Jaycee said…
Lol @ "Frankly, they look like ants."

I wonder why they are called "minerals" as well.
Sisi Yemmie ™ said…
lol...they do look like ants sha!
Okeoghene said…
Victim kwa. lol. I hope your MIL is not planning a perty for you to throw o
SHE said…
I could have sworn I posted a comment here!

May "he's so" rest in peace? LOL! thank God they didn't spell it "piss". hehehe!

Kai those uniforms means that Fashola don hammer!!

Your in law bought you a pot? well at least you are xcited about it so win win na

Minerrraas!! Its true oooo! Then again they are also called soft drinks? why soft drinks?

Loving this post
Mamuje said…
Hilarious, meanwhile I see your comment for my blog. Abeg leave me and Mr Turk oh, the way I feel about him now eh. I don born hin children finish sef. Lol
LG said…
WHERE R U????????????
loooooooooool...... love ur blog cant believe I am just visiting, too funny.

I guess Niaj are so full of dynamics... that is the only word coming to me...
Anonymous said…
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