Random "talk talk"

One more thing I'd seriously like to know is why when you call some offices or walk up to a receptionist/security man and say I'd like to see Mr/mrs/madam/alhaji(etc) so and so he/she asks for your name and then says "from where"?

Sometimes i say from America!!!

Because i really just dont get it..... LOL

My fellow Nigerians in the diaspora is this phenmenom common "in abroad" too? ;)

I woke up early today to catch up on some ironing.... smallie woke up and i went to make him milo,of course before i returned the bugger of an Ayobami had thrown the hot iron on the carpet. Thank God there was no bodily harm to him or his brother.... he starts REAL(as in with uniforms and all) nursery next Monday!!! i can't wait to unleash him on his teachers :D

It's amazing the kind of levies parents are 'forced' to pay to educate children in this Lagos. all sorts of dues- development, christmas party, Yoruba classes, swimming all sorts my people. I was fortunate to find a moderate priced school with few students. They'll be just about 5students in the class. I just hope i made an informed decision!!!

May i also warn potential parents make sure you have your children before September oh!!!!! Most schools admit only children of age 3 (birthday has to be in September) into nursery 1 when the session starts in October.... the child will usually be placed in reception/pre-nursery/kindergaten class....

We were lucky though we got placed in nursery 1 because my son is exceptionally bright like his mummy :D ;)

Thank God i titled this post "random talk talk" (pidgin English)


P.E.T. Projects said…
LOL, me I like ber/ember birthdays oh, so that one wey u talk no go work.

5 in a class? would that make for competition?

I dealt with the receptionist/security man issue in my last post... i have concluded that they are just uninformed that's all. No orientation or belle sense to know whats right!
9jaFOODie said…
Lagos Na wa oo....glad your son is okay, kids sha. On security issues..lol...it doesn't happen in my part of the world.
Anonymous said…
PET-Lol @ber birthdays! Make sure oga will be willing to pay for the "extra year" the child will spend in nursery oh!
As per the class size at this age there's no competition so to speak some schools even go at each child's pace!important thing is to grab the basics which is why a smaller class is "usually" better!

9foodie- u r lucky u don't have to constantly hear that phrase you know lol
Anonymous said…
That wasn't anonymous that was me fluffy oh i.e comment no3
Ibhade said…
jeez! server ate my reply!...ok..i start again:

school resumption?..been preparing for 2 weeks now..not finding it funny.

school fees? exploitation! computer, party, diction, extra-curricular activity, devt levy..taht when you deduct all these, you would find it can be afforded by many.

Glad no bodily harm o! CHILDREN EHN??..laughed @ unleashed him on his teachers. I know of a school that don't accept less than 4years old.

yes, to teh receptionist question, and laughed at the joke.
doll said…
hmm, noted for future reference. Thank God he did not injure himself or his brother
Myne Whitman said…
Ah, thank God that iron hurt no one. As for the from where, I guess they mean, which organisation?
Okeoghene said…
Thank God no one got hurt.I have come to realize that schools collect so much to teach kids cos they know parents will pay. Afterall the alternative is to have them at home, which we cannot abi? Since parents have to work. As for security and receptionists, they want to know the company? organization.
LG said…
Lol 'yoruba parties eh'kwa??? Ayobami was jest tryin to help nau, hope u didn't beat him o *side eye*
angelsbeauty said…
lol - they ask the same question here.. well when i go to see clients yu have to tell the receptionist where you are from...

awwww kids - school *sigh* i can't wait to start that phase of my life. a school in naija with 5 kids in a class !wow - at least they will get all the attention they need.

i guess if you are not sure with your decision, constantly evaluate as the first child, I went to 2 primay schools and 2 secondary schools lol
SHE said…
Eh?! how come you didn't keep the iron "out of reach of children"?

LOL @ "unleashing him on the teachers". The uniform makes kids look different somehow, like older or tinier, or something...

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