Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Random talk talk again!!!

I have tried to put up posts at least twice but at the point of publishing the thing go just disappear!!

So much to say i no even know where to start!!!

My dear son has finally started proper nursery and its been amazing how he's suddenly so matured and a bit better behaved. he also blows some fone now and the other day was spreeing and oppressing his cousin and my inlaws only for him to say with plenty fone and in a loud voice "i didn't SAID it" oh well there went our super star moment :D

Tlash is cool too, quite grown up now and we have been attempting to toilet train but he screams so much at the sight of his potty..... maybe i should bust it till he can express himself? **rolls eyes**

The cost of diapers leaves me no choice anyway!!!

It’s bad to be broke oh… I'm really broke now so tey when my dear hubby promised to dash me money, I went and gave him an exceptional ;) (IMO) performance just so the money will be increased and since morning I have been doing oh darling, oh honey!!!

Women are so freaking materialistic LOL

Today i went to the bank and the security man said to me " welcome to Diamond bank" i was very uncomfortable by that i wasnt sure if it was geninue politeness or a ploy to make me tip him when i was leaving.... just shows how used i am to not receiving courteous service in this country. when security men start saluting and helping with bags and doors or even smiling i feel somewhat obligated to tip them..... i remember a few have even gone to the extent of saying stuff like " enjoy your meal", have a wonderful day etc etc i just keep cringing and praying i'd have change left to dash them....
Na wa
My hubby and I sleep in separate rooms. I find it odd in this day and age. Though sometimes im grateful for the "privacy". I sleep with my boys. It started with him saying my stuff were scattered and too much and he didnt want them in "HIS" room. Of course i took offence and started sleeping elsewhere. Then when the boys came he felt i should sleep with them since they're toddlers and need to be given milo and carried to weewee during the night!!!
Suddenly i have realised its killing our intimacy and i'm a bit tired of him coming to tap me, and in the words of my boss say "follow me to the room" . I mean i am not an "iya risikat" abeg.
The challenge now is this i really want him to apologise for what he said initially and ask me to move back in. i hinted him the other day saying i couldnt continue sharing a room with little boys ad he said " well you can dress elsewhere and not in front of them " ***rolls eyes****
enough for one day, make i dey go house! Work continues for some of us ;)


Mojisola said...

LOL, Mama Risikat, lovely down to earth post as usual. . .

I've been tempted to move to "my own" room too but I fear that if I do, iot would be hard to move back in. I guess you can move back sha, He will look at you funn for a few days but he will get used to it.

Glad to see the kids growing, I was just reflecting on a similar thing with my kids, am so lenient with by second its ridiculous. Boy one was almost fully potty trained at his age, I had vexed and stopped buying cereal in an effort to force him (no 1) to eat real food. . .baby no 2 thinks the potty is just another toy, will not eat anything but cereal, I guess the novelty has worn off.

Okeoghene said...

I love this kind of random 'tori'.
Potty training has its own wahala too,though the thought of using the money for diapers for something else, spurs us on. My first was fully potty trained at 2 years but my 2nd child has not even gotten a hang of it at 2. Every child is different and I have told myself I will wait till he can express himself better before really forcing it.
The security guy is just doing his job. When I was still working in a bank, our security guys are trained to be polite to customers. They sometimes do and most times don't.
You definitely are not Iya Risika and just like Mojisola said you should just move into the room. If you are waiting for him to apologize, that might be a long wait o.

HoneyDame said...

Mama Risikat, sorry.... I think you should find a way to make him reapise the error of the speech adn recant sharp sharp...all that separate room thing ehn, I am not getting a good vibe about it. In fact, he seems to have adjusted/gotten used to it sef.

Your boy's fone thing was soo funny...I can just imagine the combo...fone + ibon + little child = Cute.

I have a very personal experience with Diamond bank and I can categorically tell you that that is how they have been trained to act. I think the higher ups take it quite seriously too so most of the employees take it a bit seriously too

SHE said...

Mama Risikat. LOOOL!

What if Hubby has forgotten the reason you even moved out in the first place? Then he won't be thinking of apologising and you may end up waiting for long!

I always get nervous too when security men and soemtimes receptionists are very nice. I believe it is not for nothing.

doll said...

i think you should just move back into the room! and ASAP!

doll said...

my mum keeps all her stuff in a separate room because of course her load plenty, but she sleeps in the master bedroom

Tisha said...

It seems you are enjoying yourself

I think you should move rooms back
cos soon your boys will be gone and you will be left with only your husband

Juggle all the roles and make the best of it, wife, mother, career woman etc

downtheaisle said...

***follow me to my room****

Fluffycutething said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone... i will attempt the move back this weekend, just that im so used to having only little boys in my bed!!!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Babes, go back to the Masters bedroom biko, intimacy is very important oh... when the boys grow older, they'll ask you to leave their room dont let ur hubby get so used to being on his own!

LG said...

'Follow me to my room' hehehehehe I hope u ve moved back in but who ll sleep with ayobami n tlash?

Jemima said...

Please move back sharply o, its very important you guys share the same bed, i can't shout! ...nice blog btw

ibiluv said...

they are only being customer centric
tip them only if you want to and dont feel guilty about not tipping

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