Thursday, 12 April 2012

Randoms once again


What a day! One of our major accounts that we lost due to some silly errors just called us back, God really does give second chances to ALL!!! I'm happy it has certainly made me smile today.
I have been wondering all day why people in Lagos are still greeting each other Happy Easter, Se Easter has come and gone? Abi?
For the past few days I have had to take public buses and even in the few hours my experiences have been enough to blog about :D. This morning,for some reason, when the driver who was also doubling as conductor said I hadn't paid the correct fare I cleared my throat and in my best fone I said "I beg your pardon" **covers face in shame** then I remembered where I was…… silly me! The bus I entered this afternoon had a DVD for our viewing pleasure. He was playing a Pasuma type CD though I was traumatised not only by the music but because the driver kept wanting to watch as well. Thankfully a few mins after the thing stopped showing and the driver spent the rest of the journey changing CDS trying to find one that will show… thank God he didn't crash the car.

The whole experience reminded me of a friend of mine who I ran into a few weeks back, we hadn't seen in many years though I had kept up with her via the media. She's an absolutely brilliant woman that friend of mine. She was even my bunkmate at a time. She's got 1st class degrees(note the plural people) from Havard and the likes…. What I found really funny was the fact that despite all she has at her disposal the "cares" of this world don't seem to interest her. She didn't even drive a car!!! She preferred bussing she says. In this Lagos? I mean no brazillian or Peruvian weave, no Louis Vuitton bag or sandals…. She wasn't even dating anyone!!! She said she didn't seem interested in the regular girl's dream of get married to Leke the bank manager and live happily ever after with your children and pets with loads of domestic servants in Chevron Estate Ikoyi/Lekki or Maitama, Abuja….
It seemed bizarre to me I tell you… she could easily have any job she wanted and earn as much as Goodluck Jonathan sef…..

Na wa.

On the home front things are fine, my son Ayobami too is becoming a Tinsel addict like his mama, the other day he called me "mrs Okoh" and when I exclaimed in shock he said "Amaka Okoh" LOL smallie too dey there. Still refusing to use his potty, he only agrees to pee in the thing when one lifts it right up to his peepee. Naija men sha like to be FULLY served. Mcheeewwwww
I feel like some cake, not good for my weight loss meme I'm told.
I've been quite good by the way, been jogging and doing aerobics. I must win this battle of the bulge :D


Rita said...

Thank God for the call back by the major account. I can imagine your joy. I have an account I was managing which we lost and I wish to regain the relationship.
Lol @ "I beg your pardon"... I am so laughing here. If I was in that bus I would have so looked at you...

That your friend is a special breed oh! Many people would desire her degrees so they could make and spend enough money, but there she is, humble and all. Thank God for such people.
All the best with the weight loss and happy birthday to hubby in arrears.

I am yet to see who is not addicted to Tinsel after 'tasting' it :-)

Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

Your blog is fun to read, thanks for stopping by my blog. Will be back to read more stories.

Hope the bus ride isn't too stressful, I hate using the bus.

Myne Whitman said...

Your friend sounds like a interesting person to meet. Trips on the public bus can either be hilarious or very stressful. Take care o...

doll said...

thank God the driver did not crash the car. WTF!!!!

LOL@ Naija men do like to be served

Anonymous said...

ahahaha ' 'fone'

and glad you got the account back..could have imagined the wahala that must have ensued after losing it.

watching dvd? thank GOD nothing bad happen oo, the devil would had been blamed as usual!

wow! #double salute# to your friend! a gal after my own heart.

9ja men? you can say that again! But as for Abayomi, he has the right to have you serve him!..ehehehhee.

like the random.

May said...

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femmelounge said...

toh! driver watching pasuma, putting passengers lives at risk? Lagos for show!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Are you sure she's not one of those who was told by a seer that those things are evil?

Or maybe she's just different... "shrugs"

Ive boardered a bus like that before, hmmm, Lagos is just what it is! Dramatic!!!

Toinlicious said...

hahaha your son is too cute :)

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