Friday, 19 October 2012

Life and living..... again

So a few Saturdays back i attended my first PTA meeting.

*claps and drum rolls* LOL Don't mind me. Though geninuely i was glad and felt very blessed that God honored me enough to make me amongst "those" that can attend PTA meetings. It's important to be grateful for every thing no matter how seemingly trivial it may be.

So sha i attended the meeting, i was infact the 1st to arrive. Nigerians will sha always be late *rolls eyes*. The meeting went well, good contributions from parents and some level of pleasantness in the air and so on. However there was this one parent who made me wanna walk across to her and shake her body plus tell her to stop being silly.

The yeye woman got up and started going on and on about loving the school etc. Then she said she encouraged the school to employ people who geninuely loved children(no probs with that on one hand but did she think any school sets out to employ people who dont love kids?) . The point that got me irritated was then she now said to address other parents. She said something about Gbemisayedara(or one of these new generation Yoruba names :D) who is her child being prone to infections and so therefore any of our children that has cold or catarrh we should ensure they are treated on time. Huh? i suspect she wanted to say we shouldn't bring any 'diseased' kid near her child LOL. I thought i was the only one wondering at the errant nonsense she was saying, then i heard some murmurs behind about "that being inevitable in any nursery school" .  SMH we mums sef!!!!

She must be new at these mummy matters :D

I cant but mention this ALUU4 murder. I hear the police has made several arrests and so on. I do hope justice is served to the guilty parties and may God comfort the grieving families. If i, who do not have any relationship with the young men and i feel so affected by the incident i wonder how those directly connected are faring.

So that's it on life and living for today. Happy weekend good people :D


dayor said...

I join u in thanking God for making u part of those that can attend PTAs *smiles*

Lol@new @mummy mAtters, sometimes mothers can be over protective

The Aluu 4, hmmm. I couldn't get the pictures off my mind for a long time.May their souls find perfect peace

Willow said...

Don't mind her, She can home school her child if she doesn't want any infection,but I can bet you if you dig deeper ehn, her child is probably guilty of spreading more than receiving cold/catarrh. As for the Aluu4 tragedy,It shows that we don't fear God at all! Rest in peace to those boys and I pray Justice prevails.

sykik said...

I join you thank God oh....Baba God noni...

On the ALUU4 killing, my prayers is with the family and friends of those boys..hope nigeria police will not do us "the more you look, the less you see". Justice needs to be served.

Myne Whitman said...

I agree that children easily pass infections, but parents can do their own bit sha.

The Aluu case, I hope their families are comforted.

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