A seat finally!

I finally have been assigned one at work! I'm off to pop some champagne LOL. Now I wonder how long it'll take before I get a computer assigned :D I understand history has been taken off the curriculum for secondary schools. I suspect it's been a while but I wish it hadn't. Somehow I just feel the children are being short hanged and believe it or not, not all of our history in these parts have made it to the Internet! I hope the government revises the policy in the near future. I will have to come back and finish p this post


Beautiful said…
Looool awww finally!!

maybe you'll wait another year to get a computer :)
Myne Whitman said…
Why did they scrap History, I think that is quite an important part of education.

Congrats on your chair :)
Simply mee said…
YAY! at last ooo. congratulation...ahahahahaha @ beautiful....maybe oo, since it took them so longgggg to give you a seat sef!

removed history???? ....NOOOOO.

Though,I could not fathom my mind around The fall and rise of mali and songhai empires, it was still interesting to read them.

@Beautiful.....where do I comment in your blog oo, since I don't twit or patrol fb :D
SHE said…
A seat! How did you manage previously?
Did you bring a chair from home or something?

Guess I have to read previous posts. Been a while, Yes?
How can history be taken off the curriculum? How will information on our past be told to the next generation especially with non existent libraries and not that easy to find indepth information online? The old aren't going to live forever if the government is banking on parents and grandparents passing on knowledge. The things that this government does makes me scratch my head in wonder.
Anyway, congratulations on your seat.
I concur with SHE's question o...

I have nominated you for the liebster award...
Fluffycutething said…
@she prior to now I was assigned the same desk and chair as three of my colleagues ie the four of us shared. 'twas first come first serve LOL
Ginger said…
One chair assigend to 4 people? Naija employers take the cake shaa.
Congrats shaa!

History taken off curriculum? That is disastrous. Its not like it was even comprehensive enough.

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