Tuesday, 21 January 2014

This work wanna kill a people oh!

No be small thing....

I have been soooo swamped. Setting up a new department and trying to chart a new course isn't an easy feat at all.

I've barely been able to catch my breath all month, plus this 100 days fasting....

God is our strength oh- my co 100 days people ;)

On the up side i'm enjoying coming to work for a change... The role is something i've always wanted to do and i'm quite glad for the opportunity. The down side is all the politicking that comes* with the role. I work directly with the MD and everyone is more or less throwing themselves at me with all sorts of offers, juice, groundnuts, let me carry your bag etc etc . It is well. The MD himself is full of contradictions and apparently likes to knock people's heads together, God will give me wisdom. It surprises me though that even high up on the career ladder people still have/show/exhibit lack of integrity and good morals.

How's everyone else doing?

My son called me big and fat the other day!!! LOL i was surprised he actually can define these things he's just 5. I have commenced exercise albeit infrequently at the moment.

Just sneaked* in here to drop a few lines

will be back ;)


Ema Leecious said...

More grace to you dear. ...and plenty hugs too.

LadyNgo said...

LMAO, my mom still to this day, over 20 years later, brings up the first time i called her fat. I don't think its a story that will ever get too old to tell for her.

More strength to you, as you work, fast, and fight the battle of the bulge (if that one is even truly your battle to fight lol)

NoLimit said...

Hian! Your MD sounds like a "divide and conquer" kinda guy!
Congrats on the new role and think of the politicking as "networking":)
I'm sure you'll cope just fine!
lol @ your son's definition:) you should have told him "you put mummy in this condition by chilling in there for 9 long months"lol

Beautiful said...

Congrats on your new role! May God give you the grace to execute your duties even better than expected.

loool *high 5* to your son, he has to set mummy on the right track hahaha

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