Fire..... fire...

Of course it was the night i decided to go for vigil in church that i arrived there and gates  were locked.

Monthly vigil had apparently been cancelled mcheeeewwww

One of my resolutions was to attend these vigils more and you can imagine all my excitement last night when i got home in good time to be able to attend.

I even dragged the kids half naked and asleep into the car, figuring i'd dress them when we get there. i sha didnt want to suddenly realise it was late and i couldnt drive that late at night etc etc. In fact at a point i started nodding off and contemplated a short nap but i called the devil a liar and got dressed instead.....



Missy Tee's said…
Oh goosh... that could be very annoying.
HoneyDame said…
Loolll. This isnt funny yet it is! That kain thing fit pain person!
Beautiful said…
oh nooooo! that's painful but funny hahaahaha. Sorry o!

Hope you atleast did vigil alone yourself when you got home or the vex was too much

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