Tuesday, 18 March 2014


A few days ago my son asked me why boys and girls say 'hey' when they're dancing..... I couldn't stop laughing especially seeing as i am guilty of the same offence
This morning he wanted to know why women have to wear breast hangers(don't ask me LOL) on thier breasts and i promptly told him it's because we need somewhere to 'hang' our boobies :D Abi?

I'm having my lunch right now.... garri and moin moin! Care for some? Lunch was nice.... hmmmmmm 

Not sure i can get any more work done today sha, not after this amount of food is sitting in my tummy  *sighs*

My brain has paused.... will be back ;)


sykik said...

Lol @ breast hangers...this your lunch is tempting oh..is it moi moi made with leaves

sykik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Young Grumbler said...

Haha! The "Hey" makes the dancing sweeter...don't forget the clapping too, or is that just me? Lol your son is funny, breast hangers - my niece calls them Boobie baskets too

1 + The One said...

LOL.. heyy! + the clap..

I think staff members should be allowed to go home after lunch.. Yes?

'Lara said...

Your son is growing oh...lol @ breast hanger.

ibiluv said...

Smart kid

had a maid that used to say iyara oyan(breast room)

u didnt tell him we clap too?
that is what makes the song sweet to dance


Fluffycutething said...

I still can't get over the breast hanger thing too oh LOL

As for that heyyy it's obvious the boy is really observant!!!!

That moin moin and garri was off the chisel people didnt do anything meaningful afterwards until i went home ;)

As for that clapping... gosh i cant stop laughing i'd let him know he left out noticing that bit

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