Thursday, 27 February 2014

Traumasssssss for the week ;)

So my colleague went to the mosque this morning and came back in bathroom slippers! Some random aboki(we assume) had made away with his shoes!  They were somewhat new..... I had quite a laugh at him, but felt somewhat pained that people i.e thieves have no iota of respect for the house of worship/prayer anymore! Such brazenness mcheeeewwww 
The poor gentleman had to spend money buying shoes which he definetely didn't plan before!!!

On the other hand, yours truly had a great big fall on Tuesday...... in the office. Open office for that matter *sighs* 

I was headed to the loo, and all i remember is not looking to where i was headed, maybe i was plucking random gist with my ears sef who knows, and i tripped over one carton that had been in the walkway!. Me and my massive buttocks landed with a thud on the floor.  my butt was in the air, *think muslim style praying* i was just silently praying that the trossis wont rip from all the trauma! if that happened i would have resigned immediately...... I'm still in some pain, my arms and knees somewhat hurt!!!! 

The colleague of mine who placed the boxes in the way, was "forced" to buy me shawarma as compensation..... 

Mchhhheeeeewwww i bought cranberry juice instead it wont do to add to this yokozuna size! 

People who decide to live healthy lifestyle, you know exercise and healthy meals, how do they manage sef? I just see rice and oily stew and get into a frenzy of "i must just eat that" 

Week's been good asides all this trauma, how's everyone else doing.......


1 + The One said...

Lol.. Sorry about the fall, I can't imagine how embarrasing it was but see, it makes a great story :-)

Beautiful said...

Haha oh nooo that must have been embarrassing sha.

For the guy it means his sorrows and problems have been taken away loool I'm serious.

Cranberry juice yuck! I would have taken the shawarma :d

Fluffycutething said...

@1- it sure makes a good story.... thank God i can laugh about it now LOL
@Beautiful- the poor guy now wears slippers to the mosque oh, keeps his shoes in the office when he has to go and pray!

sykik said...

sorry oh...but I can't help laughing.

please treat your bruises oh

New Dawn said...

*Stifling my laugh* sorry oo, tell oga to use warm water and rub to massage ya body, the pain go disappear fiam! .....the thief no fear at all!

ibiluv said...

his shoes were probably an answer to some poor dude's prayer for new shoes

not justifying the theft cos its theft no matter how many ways we make fun of it

i just prefer to look at the issue from the angle that the person needed it badly-it was taken from its original owner non violently

it is however wise to go to the mosque with slippers from now on

i either take my shoes in and put them in a bag beside me or wear slippers to the mosque

on you falling down-pele

cranberry juice is fun just add a shot of vodka-wink

i admire their hard work but i dont have the discipline either

eg: i refuse to visit any dermatologist at all cos i wont adhere to any strict diet anyone hands me cos of my acne

i love food: and thats dat

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