Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Yesterday morning at about 6am, I overheard my boys arguing.. the smaller individual who's four said that girls dont have peepees. The older individual who's 5 going 6 insisted that of course they have, i was in a dilemma do I butt in and end up late at work or i just leave them to come to their own conclusions LOL... I ran off to my office quietly, i mean it was only 6 am in the morning :D

So the gentleman and lady seated across my table are dating! They're colleagues.... we all are.

They are quite matured anyway, the lady especially! I've never seen them share a joke talk less of any minute PDA...  where it me, i'm sure we would have long been sacked LOL.

I will probably keep shouting "honey" across the office all day.

People who do office love try sha.... i've only been guilty* once. Infact that period, it was only the thought of seeing my lover that brought me to work daily LOL. we would chat via messenger all day. Not sure we both got meaningful work done...


My MIL is visiting for a few months. Been walking on eggshells since..... Why can't we all just get along? *rolls eyes* . I hope my daughters in law will speak well of me when the time comes. I certainly don't intend to be a pain in anyone's butt.

Lost some weight over the past two months, 5kg to be precise..

I've still got about 20kg to go. Hopefully it'll all magically drop off before the end of the year. I'm hoping to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle for good. For now progress has been nil in that area!

I've rambled enough, will be back *winks*


sykik said...

Office love is a no-no for me oh...what if it doesn't work out. How will I survive each day....abeg find out how your sons concluded their early morning chit -chat oh, so you can do proper explanation to them....am sure thee are baby terms that can be used to ease their comprehension.

Good luck with your MIL's visit.

Fluffycutething said...

I took your advice and tried... No 2 still insists that girls don't have peepees. Other than a visual i doubt he would be convinced otherwise. No 1 said girls' peepees have broken and so they use hole to weewee and so on.

Shock made me promptly move onto other matters arising LOL

Beautiful said...

Hahahaha awwww so cute lol. I think it's still safe to let them think this way i guess...

haha I echo sykik, good luck with your MIL's visit.

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