Monday, 25 August 2014

Ramblings of an idle mind.

Yep... idle even though today is Monday!

I've just stumbled on the blogspot of someone i kinda knew(from afar) as a toddler. Damn i am quite old. I wonder if it's ok for me to still be blogging sef, a number of people i started this blogging race with all seemed to have fizzled out or is it moved onto other stuff?

Nah... i'll stay i kinda enjoy putting my thoughts out there for whoever to read and enjoy.. At least i hope some people enjoy reading it LOL

Is putting up office gist on a personal blog gossip? Just got some random gist that i wanna spill but don't want to be offensive.... The summary is that we had a cleaning assistant turned clerk here some years back. She got pregnant, said she was married but there was no ceremony per se! She resigned suddenly on grounds of needing extra maternity leave and not having anyone to care for baby etc etc. Imagine my shock when i recently found out that father of baby is actually one of the managers here!!!! He's single though. Now he shows up today to say he's married. Then i heard it's this same lady he has married..... Of course he's probably too embarrassed to admit she's his wife now. He didn't invite anyone to the ceremony or whatever it was they did to symbolize the union. I wonder for how long he can keep up the charade????????? Wont he ever put a pic of her? Wont anyone ever visit him at home?

Anyway na thier palaver....

The things that men do........

I looked* at myself on Sunday and wondered what has become of me. I barely recognise myself anymore. Marriage, its attendant challenges, motherhood, losing a job and taking a lesser* type has completely subsumed me over the past few years.

I'd like to restart/reset/revamp myself. Is this possible? For a start i'm redoing my living area. Over the next few weeks i'm getting the house repainted and redecorated etc etc. I hope to put up pics. Infact today i better take some pics to use as the before* pics and then i'd take after when the work is done.

I hope by penning it down i'd follow through on my new resolve/committments.

Gotta go Ciao XOXO


New Dawn said...

Ha! I am still one of the old bloggers around o! I write out of pleasure and I have steady good readers like you visiting always.

Re-doing your sitting room? Ha! I can't wait to do that to my home when all the children are grown!

I for like to see your before and after pix sha, so I can make comparism. Ahahahaha I once did the metamorphosis of my life in my old blog. The change is much fa! ehehehe.

Hope, you don dey prepare for your elejo o. Eku pa-le-mo.

sykik said...

I post office gist on my blog all the time....anyways, I am anonymous so the fear of getting caught is slim.

Any man not proud of his wife is SICK. How does he want the lady to feel?

I would love to see your new decor, it might give some of us ideas.

Fluffycutething said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies ;)

Sykik- One sad point is that the lady may not even realise she's been hidden as it were... quite a mess of a story! Hope they're happy! *sighs*

Beautiful said...

Awwwww awwww your statement made me remember what my elder sis said to me. She's been married for 11 years now, on my wedding day last year she called me and said, "Beautiful, don't lose yourself or your creativity else you'll wake up one day and stare in the mirror and not recognize yourself". She said that was what happened to her and she had to "find" herself. She also started with remodelling the house, then she lost weight and she got more involved in her career plus got nannies to handle my nephews and nieces.

The life of a married woman sha...

office gist is not gossip joh lol.

Please post pictures!

ibiluv said...

i post office and family gist allllll the time

as the blog aiint fiction nah

how else will gist materialize?

loads of peeps are marrying with just close family members in attendance

maybe hes not hiding her?

maybe he just wants people to treat his wife as his wife and not their old cleaning staff?

hence the need to distance old colleagues from her?

e fit be....

SHE said...

Wow! I'm sure the lady knows she's being hidden from the office. Just like I'm sure they were just doing "runs" before pregnancy interfered.

Old bloggers are still around! and we appreciate your consistency!

Mojisola said...

Well, at least he "accepted" the pregnancy and made an "honest" woman of her. Ceremony or no ceremony, if he supports her like a husband and acts like a decent father who are we to judge?

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