Tuesday, 9 December 2014

2014: The highs and the lows!

What a year....

It seems just like yesterday where we were wishing each other a happy new year!

I'm particularly thankful to God, not once this year was my freezer or my kitchen empty of food.

I also didn't spend any night in hospital on account of ill health, my boys or their dad too :)

God was indeed merciful, for the areas i lacked or didn't meet my goals or expectations there is plenty more to be grateful for once i just look to the other side!

I seize this opportunity to again appreciate the Almighty God, thank you Lord.

One of the many achievements of mine this year is that i have now learnt how to separate emotions from common sense. It took me many long years but i am now on that path and i tell you it's certainly a rewarding path to be on! Prior to now i would use my emotions to make many decisions especially in the area of friendships. I would delve in head first as long as it was to the benefit of my friend. After being bitten in the face severally i have now finally learnt to be wise.

One or two friendships have of course now been lost* due to this. Naturally ..... LOL

One friendship fizzled away, cant even fathom why anymore(i tried to work out the reason for a long time) but i guess as Yoruba people say 20 children cannot play together for 20 years!! Some will move onto other things!

This year(in the last quarter) i also learnt to pay more attention to self. In the area of external aesthetics i haven't always paid attention to myself and having kids just made it worse*.  Before i check my clothes, or my needs i spend the little i have on the boys! Typical abi? In the last quarter i resolved to correct this, and slowly and steadily i am making progress, nothing remarkable but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step abi?

Maybe i should do part 2 of this post its getting quite long LOL

So what you you learnt or improved on or otherwise in 2014? Please do share!!!


Enkay said...

Hey lady! Been a while since I came this way.

Well..this year, I have learned to bite off only as much as I can chew. Being a bit of an overachiever I am always allowing people dump work on my laps. But this year, I have learned (still learning) to say no.
Pretty refreshing too!

Beautiful said...

I've learnt to really grow up this year.

There were times when I just wanted to say "F**K IT!" (I don't swear naturally so you can imagine my frustration) and just call my daddy and cry to him. I've always been a daddy's girl and nothing at all prepared me for the task of being a mum. Nanny issues nko? Gosh...this year wasn't all roses for me abeg. I really wished I were single at a point, because the responsibilities are just too many! Church o, work o, home o, family members o....tiring.

The sweet part though is when I see my son's face on getting home everyday, I know the stress is worth it!

Oh and I also learnt to diplomatically get things done. Before, I'll remind hubby everyday that the bulb needs to be fixed till it gets to the point of nagging. Now I just go to the store, buy the bulb, come back home and make an EXAGGERATED ACTIVITY of fixing it till he collects it and does it himself LOL.

I need to pay more attention to myself next year....I no be "Beautiful" for nothing. Things I would never have done before e.g stepping out of myself without makeup, I do them now without even batting an eyelid. I go to work, church etc without as much as foundation talk more of a facebeat. I also somehow just stopped wearing heels. I have to rediscover myself...i'm always exhausted...

Fluffycutething said...

Enkay- Learning to say no is part of what i plan to fully get a grasp oF in the coming year! Good stuff dear, i'm hoping you will blog more in the new year too ;)

Beautiful- Things really change with wifehood and motherhood soon after! It can be quite overwhelming.... Please work at the "beautiful" part of the resolutions oh :D

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