Monday, 10 November 2014

Old age???????

Yesterday I went to see a friend who had recently lost her dad in tragic circumstances. As I walked into the house, I met her mum finishing off a meal complete with an apple and a bottle of coke. Nothing unusual one might add, but my first thought was how can this woman who has just lost her beloved hubby eat like this? While watching BBA for that matter!!!. After a few moments I wondered why I had such thoughts, I mean is she supposed to starve herself because her hubby had passed away? Then I realised that these are the kind of thoughts that one has after being rubbed off from interactions with archaic cultures and traditions. What really has become of me? LOL Is this old age?
In other news yours truly took a road walk yesterday. I probably walked 5km at the least. I’m still feeling the pain in my legs. I hope I can keep this up, I really dislike the way I pant even after shedding some of the kg. And I’m certainly not keen on buying any bigger dress sizes. I suspect clothes manufacturers intentionally make all the fine fine ladies clothes in small sizes :D
 The year is winding down so quickly. I’m trying to plan for 2015 early enough. Not sure I did a good job with my plans and projections for this year… One achievement is that I finally seem* to have a grasp on minimal quarrelling with my spouse. Mind over matter really works :D!!! To all the new wives, don’t sweat the small stuff with your man, there’s no point and there are more important things to sweat ;)

Let me concentrate on this meeting I’m sitting in.


UPDATE: Meeting never gree finish oh, this is 3 hours on.... God help me this week


Beautiful said...

lol the meeting has finished now oya come and finish.

Haha this one that quarelling has reduced, should we be expecting a little princess soon?

I should start walking but i'm too shy to, so i'm waiting for when we move to a very quiet area next year then i'll start walking or jogging. That's so stupid I should have just not typed it out and left it in my head :(

sykik said...

It's not old age oh, as I dey read the story , me sef dey wonder why she was's our culture. God help me.

I dislike long meetings too....and some managers like the sound of their own voice...dey just never talk

hidayah amin said...

Thank you for this article. I found it very helpful. Bringing traffic to your site/blog is on thing but converting those visits is another thing.

Okeoghene said...

Most times when people grieve over death, it is because of what they will miss and not really what the dead will gain. Walking is a good place to start and now is a good time to plan for 2015.

HoneyDame said...

Lmaooo...only you, Beautiful! Only you! Lool

Fluffycutething said...

LOL@ Beautiful....No princess anywhere for now oh!
I think it's better you just start walking oh, busy neighbourhood or not. If i who live in a suburb translation- ojodu berger can manage to take occasional* walks despite people staring, yep like how we used to look at oyinbos in those days then surely you can manage.... I don't think there can be an ojodu berger* in your country now? Abi? :D :D

Fluffycutething said...

@Sykik- You wan make the woman starve abi? LOL Part of my issue was she seemed to eat the meal with gusto... i half expected people to be there coaxing her to drink pap n more or less feeding her the thing sef :D

I like drama jare LOL

Fluffycutething said...

Okeoghene- Thanks for the encouragement dear *hugs*

HoneyDame- Thanks for stopping by.... P>S - You should blog more often ;)

Mojisola said...

On the grieving bit, honestly I feel if you lose someone you really care about suddenly, she would at least have a little bit of shock. Now its different if there was warning like if the man was really sick to the point where they are feeling like it will bring him more peace after death than to continue to suffer. Apart from that many women of that generation live in pitiful shells of marriage and sometimes you no fit blame them for not caring for a man who did not care much for them while he was alive.

Kudos to you for the weightloss, at least you dey try sef. *Eating pounded yam at 6am while I imagine myself walking around my neighborhood*. I'll just start tomorrow.

On the cheating thing, I hate to say this but every man will cheat at least once, and frankly almost every woman will too. I guess some cheat more than others and some are indiscreet about it. Either which way I have heard if your man thinks you are hot enough to be stolen from him, he will up his game.

You inspire me t want to keep blogging. perhaps I will blog at work :)

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