Tuesday, 21 March 2017

So caught up!!!!!

Chai its so easy* to get caught up with adulting and forget the little things that generally lift your spirit and keep you somewhat on a high!

Been so long my dearly beloved blog *kisses*

Even my smallie is now 7 months and with two teeth...

His brothers are almost my height and still driving me nuts! I never start abi?

We moved homes and settling down has been  a challenge. Just when I started to settle in mentally, we got robbed at the house and my MIL was badly hurt. it's been really tough! Her care, the finances and I've literally had to place my projections for the year on hold in the midst of all the drama!

This is asides the sleeplessness from paranoia and anxiety!

Don't even know what it feels like to have nail polish on anymore.... *sighs* this life sef!

Nevertheless I give all the glory to God! He's great

Lemme go and catch up brb


Beautiful said...

Oh noooo that's sad! You must be going through a stressful period.
I hope you all are able to feel better soon.
Best wishes.

ibiluv said...

so sad to hear about you getting robbed and MIL hurt
i trust shes better now though
take care

NoLimit said...

Wow sorry to hear you got robbed! May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding and may you recover all and experience abundance in its entirety.
Shame on bad people! Keep smiling!!!

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