See me see trouble oh......

I had an amusing encounter yesterday. All in this bid to find Mr. right!! My mum has got some tenants in her house. One of the tenants has got loads of dependants in his crib. anyway one of them tried chatting me up recently and i generally was very upset cos i just tot how in blazes is anything supposed to work out between us? Am i supposed to hang out in a flat filled with guys or is he supposed to sit in my room or mum's parlour?

anyway my friend and my aunt said i was beeing too uptight and snubbish that i should at least her the man out!!!

One hot afternoon i had to give him a ride(he don't ave a car at d mo)
And we had this conversation in the car

Him: You seem to always keep to yourself?

Me : Yes

Him: You drive smartly....

Me: Thank you(where's this leading to now?)

Him: You drive/are like my sister, when she's driving "I always fear"

Me: Yeah...

At this point i'm like there's no way i wanna be around this guy who isn't even fluent in english.. My friend insists it was a slip of tongue and my aunt says he was joking...

So last nite... i'm feeding the doggie and he walks up to say he wants to talk!!!!!!!!!

So i sit down and he reels off 3 business propositions which we talk about briefly and i'm like eyah maybe it's even a business friendship the poor guy wants that i was thinking he wanted to "chike" me....

Anyway the doggie was really hanging around and i noticed he was uncomfortable so i asked if he wanted me to chain it up? and then he says

" No oh... Has dog "biting" you before?"

I couldn't believe my ears i was so stupefied.

I quietly said no hoping my ears were full of wax....

And he repeated " because dog has "biting" me before"

I was in pain at this time and i just tot to myself heck i do not need this.

The boy is really something sha.... because at this point he now said to me tell me about yourself... what kinda line is that for goodness sakes?????????????

Am i in secondary school or what???????

The things my eyes have seen in this search for mr right sha....

I tire!!!


LondonBuki said…

"No oh... Has dog "biting" you before?"

That has got to be a joke! And then he repeated it again??? LOL!!!
Funmi said…
U have simple answered: no it has not biting me before! lol

Welcome to blogville!
Daddy's Girl said…
No way. That's so not cool. Kai! My dear, na so we see am sometimes - no worries sha - Mr. Right is somewhere out there.
Jaycee said…
Lollll..."has dog "biting" u before?
Olawunmi said…
lol. no excuse for bad grammar o. imagine his speech at the wedding reception.

"i want to thanking you verily verily for gracing our occasion presentfully. we are too grateful trsutfully"

fluffycutething said…
You guys have just made things worse for the guy...(LOL)

All i do is remember ur comments and i run from the guy before he will "biting" me with grammer

As for the weddding reception speech..... i'm still rolling on the floor(lol)

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