Last week in retroscope!!!

I'm beginning to enjoy this blogging something you know:-)

Last week was quite interesting, what with all the love in the air and so on..

I spent Valentine's day imagining what next year's valentine will be like when i am (hopefully) in love with Mr. right.....

My neighbour cum toaster (of "has dog biting you" fame) mentioned to me ages ago that he has female slippers for sale, so last nite their help walks up to me with four of them in a bag saying " Uncle XXX says i should "give" you this...

The slippers were in a bag that had 'especially for you" inscribed all over

Now i'm in a dilema are the slippers "my belated valentine present"????? or am I supposed to pay for them??????

I'm really at cross roads you know.(lol)

Anyway i'm trying to settle into work (since morning oh) and it has been so difficult.... I want another job abeg.

I've started exercising and i feel so so good.... doggie has been ill(with malaria i suspect:-) so it's been only indoor exercise for now, can't be dragging a 'sick dog" on the dusty roads of my estate you know. I've also started getting compliments on my new figure sef;)

Anyway make i go work small.....


LondonBuki said…
Slippers he was selling as Val's gift?


Hope your dog is better so you can go exercising together.
fluffycutething said…
My dear,

Na so we see am oh... I have sent the package right back to him!!!

Meanwhile that dog disgraced me on Sat...

I'll gist u about it tomorrow...

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