Some good news....

I weighed my self last week, i've actually dropped 6kg!!!! I'm so so excited.

All my food reduction and exercise are paying off after all. It feels so good and i'm getting compliments already. Though as is typical as soon as one person says " oh you've lost weight' another says "you're adding so much weight". As for me i'm believing only the scales ;)

I went a jogging(more like walking truthfully) on saturday. it was fun and i walked sorry jogged quite a distance. All the while thinking of how proud LondonBuki will be of me as i was wakaing with my doggie....

My bubble was bursted when two short mangy dogs crossed the road to meet us... Now ordinarily i wouldn't have minded after all my doggie is an exotic breed and supposedly more fierce(abi is fiercer correct??????). You won't believe the twat of a dog didn't even bark he was actually scared!!! and the other dogs were smaller than him i was so so embarassed.... Imagine how silly i felt. This is after i've spent all my hard earned money buying food for the doggie.... Investment gone down the drain abi? I no know who send me work of "mama dog" LOL

Anyway my aim of keeping fit was achieved and that was a big plus for me...

Meanwhile work don tire me oh!!!! How or where in blazes can i find motivation as i never find another work???????? This has been on for over a year and right now it's just getting to me... My Oga makes it worse but the day i feel up to it, i will vent about that my boss.

Maybe i need a vacation?


Daddy's Girl said…
LOLL at the dog story! I love the way you write, I could really picture the scene. Eeyah. Poor little dog.

Yayy! Congrats on the weight loss - I'm sure Londonbuki will be proud!

PS Glad you are not listening to people with their 'you've gained'/'you've lost' assessments. Trust the fit of your clothes to tell you the truth.
I will love to see that i have lost 6kgs as well. You and Mrs. Somebody have managed to make me start looking for joggers.

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